Konekomaru: He will mostly just have this gentle smile on his face that makes you feel warm. He appreciates it a lot but also lets you know that he feels the same way about you. 

Ryuji: This is the way to his heart. Especially the massages, rub his temples gently when he’s starting to have a migraine and he’ll be a goner. Though, expect him to interrogate him as to why he deserves it. Prepare a powerpoint presentation, tbh.

Yukio: He really likes it but he’s hesitant to let himself allow it. He’s pretty distant so how on earth did you manage to like him so much to be this affectionate. He’s actually just scared to let you in, and enjoy all of it in fear of having to cope without it when you’re gone.

The whole Morgana ~drama~ in P5 is my only complaint with the game (storywise) so far. Like… Morgana you’re constantly a dick to Ryuji from the moment you meet him but suddenly it’s unacceptable for him to treat you the same? Not to mention how everyone chews Ryuji out for it.

Ryuji is best boy, from being the first one to console everyone to helping old ladies out he is the beST and is a precious boy who needs protected.