ryuji yamazaki


The D! comes through in the end

top 20 peoples fave fighting game characters from june 1997
1.iori yagami
2.kyo kusanagi
4.leona heidern
5.billy kane
6.sougetsu kazama
7.emilio michaelov
7.benimaru nikaido
7.shizumaru hisame
10.kazuki kazama
11.kim kaphwan
11.ryuji yamazaki
14.shingo yabuki
15.terry bogard
16.geese howard
17.keith evans
17.richard wong
20.sakura kasugano
so this list is really just top 20 snk characters
not sure i really agree with this list


Vintage Videogame Crush: KOF Edition!

Tori yagami, Ryuji Yamazaki, Benimaru Nikaido and King

I was super into KOF as a kid, anyone that remembers me from my DA days..‘Tsuki no Yagami’ comes from Iori and he was my babe for my high school days.

Yamazaki just follows my trend of loving violent gangsters, Beni is my side chick and cosplaying King was the first time I ever got a pixie cut. Lots of love for all these babes