ryugazaki rei cosplay


I am who I am because i have friends”

Casual Free! photoshoot from awhile back! Finally getting around to posting pictures x33

Haru- Sora from SKR Productions
Makoto- Alexa Minty
Nagisa- Kai from Koneko Cosplay
Rei- K.T. from Koneko Cosplay
Rin- Sora from SKR ProductionsPhotos edited and taken by: Brittany Juve Photography

So…Wandering on the internet I found These FANTASTIC cosplays from the anime Free!… Among all those who were there,in my opinion,these are the ones that really deserves an award for the similarity!!!😍😍 (NO WORDS FOR SOUSUKE AND HARU😍😍😍😍😍😍)


New Nura Cosplay CMV!

We missed Free! a lot so we made a video to remind us why we love these boys so much <3