abnormowlarchive  asked:

2pm and t-ara n___n


Favorite Member: ok cat taec and chansung

Least Favorite Member: lee junho

Prettiest Member: SO HARD GOSH chansung is something else

Member I Wanna Marry: taec most def, he is so so so adorable, changsung was my original bias but after the 2pm show i was just totally in love, he’s such a goof and a really really sweet human GOSh and also khunnie because he’s so sweet looking and HIS EYEBROWS ARE MAJESTIC and he just seems like a really kind person.

Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: junsu we can eat A LOT together and shout at people but also do backflips and stuff, i would also be friends with chansung because we’d do vicious aegyo and be really mean to everyone.

Favorite Song/MV: i always joke about hands up but it’s a fun song, electricity is actually a really awesome~~ it’s icky and that’s cute also i enjoy don’t stop can’t stop so much, also their ballads are SO AWESOME THOUGH they have soul vibes (seoul vibes ahahaha ORIGINAL JOKE) but no give it to me and 영화처럼 is so good.

Favorite Pairing: THIS IS HARD i used to love TaecJae now when i read fic it’s just kinda sad though, even though i’m not pressed about jay park not being part of 2pm anymore, but they had such sweet fic arcs~ but yeah TaecChan is adorable and that’s probably my favourite!

AHHHhhhh t-ara another group i don’t get to talk much about (^Д^)フ

Favorite Member: jiyeon and hyomin

Least Favorite Member: dani seems awesome but i don’t know her that well, so it would have to be her, sorry dani n___n

Prettiest Member: eunjung… like jesus she’s pretty

Member I Wanna Marry: jiyeon 100% she’s like human sunshine

Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: qri omg what an actual queen, also hyomin because she’s a sweetheart

Favorite Song/MV: T-ARA HAS SO MANY JAMS, namely roly poly and sexy love

Favorite Pairing: jiyeon/iu ALWAYS and piper/jiyeon tbh