ryu umemiya


Look around you
Look beyond
You could make an unbreakable bond
The world around is not what it seems
Souls revealed beyond your wildest dream

So many things I never could see
So many choices falling on me
Could it be my destiny
To be shaman
Shaman king
To be shaman
Shaman king
If you’re spirit is strong
You could be the one

I can look at the world
In a different light
I know what it takes
To make it right
And I won’t give up the fight
To be shaman
Shaman King 👑

Commission for my sweet @loopyloo2610 who wanted these SK babes to receive some love. I must admit… I fell in love with Ryu and Manta all over again during the process, I really can’t wait to draw them again! Thank you so much for your support 💕!

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Best fucking scence of the whole anime XD (sorry that it is in german)

I could watch this all day long and would still be funny


Ryu’s song (japanese) by Baś Yang