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sketches and doodles for these lovely dorks, also more thanks @majimass because I wouldn’t have the drive to do this otherwise, bro (and the midnight chats are always the best part of my day) (S C R E A M S ALSO HOSTESSES <3)

(also, whenever Makoto is the the main point of the piece, I always throw in Majima in the back as a second thought??? LOL )


Inktober 2017 day 16

Fat Request

Aaaaah, I’m so sorry, anon, I think I ruined it! It was so cute in my head and then it…Baymax got huge, Hiro shrunk, the kids are minuscule, I’m so sorry! Imagining Hiro in his 80′s is also not a piece of cake. But I could see his kids dumping their kids on him for a week and on the chilly fall evenings, he tell them stories while Baymax makes them all hot chocolate and then you restored my faith in humanity thank you SO MUCH!!! ❤ I hope you accept this…


(this is v v v rushed and I wanted to add more characters but ran out of time hgosidighaiodsfjj)(also crappy birthday hat version under the cut)

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