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Write your name in song titles:

Crystals - Of Monsters and Men
Au creux de l'hiver - Les Discrets
Make my sun shine - Swim Deep
I want to break you in half -Drenge
Luv, hold me down - Drowners
Leave someone - The Wilderness of Manitoba
Evergreen - Ben Howard

Why did you chose your url?
I have (had?) a button that I bought from an artist in New York that was designed to look like an old horror movie poster with pandas parasailing on it and the title as blood thirsty pandas from the sky! I thought it was neutural enough that I wouldn’t have to change my url as my blog theme changed and that it was off the wall enough to be unavailable.

What’s your middle name?

If you could be a fictional or fairytale being what would you be?
Eugh… That’s hard… probably a unicorn so that I could look pretty and stab people with my head although proper fairytale unicorns are kind of elitist assholes. Maybe a kelpie or a pooka because I’m totally here for trickster beings drowning people….

Favorite colors:
Blue, silver, purple, black

Favorite song at the moment:
I honestly don’t know… although The Woods by Drenge is a recent fave or Honey by Swim Deep as well as anything by Ben Howard….

Top four fandoms:
Les Mis, The Secret History, The Raven Cycle, and idk… Mythology? Does that count as a fandom? Also French Revolution but I don’t really blog anything for that so idk if that counts….

Why do you enjoy tumblr?
Because nowhere else can I use the phrase “I’m totally here for trickster beings drowning people” and have no one question it. 

Tag 10 blogs/mutuals 

@the-immortal-bullshitter, @vaginababy, @achlllles, @benchowmein, @le-prince-des-sorcieres, @xbernathy, @taka-hardt, @tis-better-to-reign-in-hell, @nighttyger, and @gayerthangrantaire 

I did this completely randomly, if you weren’t tagged and want to do the thing consider yourselves tagged! Lots of love to you all. 

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Inilah Manfaat Crystal X Untuk Organ Kewanitaan, kalian Wajib Baca!

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