YogaQuest is now a Registered Yoga School, and will be offering their first Yoga Teacher Training program starting in April 2015! 

Do you believe that yoga is a tool for social justice? Do you want to learn how to teach people, not poses? Follow the link to learn more about what sets YQ training apart from other programs and access the online application.

Application deadline for the first session is mid-February.

How is your incarnation?

As I go through my yoga teacher training I’m in my own head in a different way than usual. Before I started I was in my own head a lot, but still inside my ego. It was rare if I ever took a step outside of my ego and recognized that it didn’t truly define me.

I don’t listen to music very often, I guess I’d usually rather drown out my thoughts with television, a book, or a podcast. I choose to put someone else’s words in my head instead of sitting with my own. But sometimes when I do listen to music I remember how awesome it feels to turn up the volume on my noise canceling earbuds so that no other sounds are able to reach my ears, only the music. Admittedly, it’s not the safest way to walk around NYC, but not being able to hear the noises of the city makes me feel like every other person is a character in a silent film and I’m the only one who can hear the soundtrack.

And I know listening to music isn’t exactly sitting with my own thoughts, there are still someone else’s words in my head, but when I can relate them to myself, sometimes it gets the wheels turning in a new direction and makes it easier to digest certain things.

So for my teacher training, we had David ‘Harshada’ Wagner, a living meditation teacher come to talk with us on Friday night, he asked us, “How’s your incarnation?” What is it that animates your carne, your meat, your body, your vessel? He also asked us to try and think about what our goals/intentions were, not just for our individual practices, not just for this training, but for our incarnations. “Ask yourselves, ‘Is this bringing me closer to or farther away from my goal?’” Step outside of your ego and if your goal for your practice is to “fit into a bridesmaid’s dress or a pair of pants” maybe your goal is actually, “Stop your self hatred and be more accepting of yourself.”

So with that on my mind I went into a class the next day and during my practice fell out of Ardha Chandrasana on my right side. When I tried to go back into it I lost my balance again. I scoffed at myself, mad that I wasn’t able to balance and half assed my way through my vinyasa until we came up and went into the sequence on the left side. It was then, that I stepped out of my ego and remembered something our teacher Paula had said to me when we were practice teaching each other. She pointed out that when I messed up it made me more nervous so I sped up and half assed my way through the rest of my sequence just so I could be done with my turn. And by doing that it felt to my students that I gave up, checked out, and didn’t care. That’s exactly what I was doing just then, I messed up the pose so I got angry with myself, sped up and half assed my way through the rest of the sequence in my own practice. I had scoffed and checked out on myself. Once I realized how ridiculous that was I took a deep breath and put myself fully back into my practice.

I do need to work on accepting myself, and also I need to remind myself that nothing in this world worth having comes easy, there are no magical fixes and, you’ve got to get out there and DO THE WORK.

So, how’s your incarnation?

This is the reason why I’ve been away from IG during the past month. I got it!! Now I’m proud to announce to everyone of you : I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher now😄😄😄😄

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“She knew this transition was not about becoming someone better, but about finally allowing herself to become someone she’d always been” My daughter Sasha (on the right) also the youngest student to have graced Ellen’s program at 19, along with our beautiful Amiga Chrysel, have just today completed their Yoga Teacher Training right here in the Mayan Riviera. So proud!! I love that they learned from the best teacher here @ellendejong and @ticiapilati who gave these girls an amazing foundation! Looking for teacher training in the Mayan Riviera? Look no further-next YTT is in March! Get your yoga mats, pack your bathing suit and come and take the plunge in the yucatan! #ytt200 #rys200 #yogateachertraining #futurebogagirl #supyoga #bogayoga #ellendejong #proudmama (at yoga by the way playa del carmen)