Your response to mikshajagwanth’s post frustrated me in some ways. While I think you made some good points, I was bothered by your statement: “The only true experts on disability on disabled people. The only opinions on disability or disabled people that matter are the opinions of disabled people.” I think this discredits the professionals who were able to support you and diagnose you in the first place. It discredits professionals like me who work in the field and support individuals with disabilities to improve their lives.

I don’t know if I’m misinterpreting, but sometimes it seems like you are against any therapy to change/improve the lives of people with Autism, because it changes who they are fundamentally. But I see that as equivalent to being against a neurotypical person getting psychotherapy because they have emotional issues they need to work through. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I also think some of the statements in that response came off as speaking for all individuals with special needs, and I find it hard to believe /everyone/ with a disability thinks the same way you do. I realize I used person-first language in this, which you probably disagree with. But that’s what I was taught and what I think is correct and respectful. So I’m sorry if it offends you.

This message was sent to me via fanmail by but I’d like to respond to it publically. Long post below the cut.

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