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"Okay, Neko, welcome to you're new home!" Marik, taking a deep inhale- almost gasping- burst through his office door within the Castle that Never Was, carrying the sleeping Neko who he had held his breath around on his trip back to HQ. The white office, with a large window over looking a stormy night sky below, held a desk, book shelf stuffed with comics and yaoi, a fox made of boxes, and bean bag chairs. "Susan will need to get used to your scent before you come home- but TA-DAAAAH!!!"

Ryou looked around in wonder, mewing softly as he jumped from Marik’s arms down to the ground. He walked around the office and sniffed at a few things before he discovered the bean bag chairs. He happily jumped up onto one, kneaded it to his liking, and laid down as he purred loudly.


Sorry if I stuck to the original plot. Tbh I made a (very loosely based) parody of more than half of the whole original episode as practice/warm-up for drawing and because I love TAS and BB so much. ❤

The doodles can be seen under the cut ↓

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