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10 Voices of Kimura Ryouhei

1. Kuroko no Basket

2. Magi

3. Haikyuu!!

4. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

5. Kuroshitsuji

6. Diabolik Lovers

7. Psycho Pass


9. Tales of Zestiria

10. Servamp

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  • Alice: Ryou-kun, I need the-
  • Ryou: (Hands her what she needs)
  • Alice: Also, I didn't have a chance to-
  • Ryou: (Hands her coffee)
  • Alice: Marry me?
  • Ryou: Took care of that too, we've been married for the last seven years.
  • Alice: Excellent.

“I absolutely agree with you, Takao-kun, volleyballs shorts are amazing!” Momoi says cheerfully. “I had the exact same thought when I visited Hinachan! I feel distinctly cheated with basketball. Not that the uniforms are bad too look at per se, but with the amount of time I spend checking out guys, I think I’d like a little more service, if you know what I mean.”

“Momoi-san!” Sakurai exclaims, sounding a tad betrayed.

“Well, what did you think I was doing when I study the players?”

Data analysis,” Sakurai exclaims.

Momoi smiles. “I can do both, I am a very good multi-tasker.”

Takao is not entirely sure how he ended up chatting with the two Touou classmates, or exactly how they got on the topic of shorts, but he does feel like he’s finally met someone who can speak his language. “Right? I’ve always been weak for legs. And thighs the size of mountains. And those volleyball players have that in spades.”

“I wish Daichan appreciated legs more!” Momoi says. “I’m super proud of my legs, see?” She pulls out her cellphone and with what must be the extraordinary abilities of a technopath, she pulls up the photo she wants instantly to show it to Takao and then Sakurai.

The sight of Momoi is very short, white booty shorts and an adorable pink top is largely wasted on Takao, but he can appreciate the aesthetics. “As you should be.”

“I’m, err, fairly certain Aomine-kun is appreciative of your, err, other assets,” Sakurai says, blushing faintly.

Momoi tosses her hair. “But I am amazing in so many ways and should be appreciated for all of them!”

“Very much so,” Takao soothes.

Momoi beams, “And you? Ever wears short shorts for Midorin?”

“Not exactly,” Takao says, but then he feels compelled to provide his own photographic evidence of the deservingness of his legs, and he pulls out the victory selfie he’d taken in a manic sort of way after the whole thing with 7284. “I, err, had this on, when I was seducing—someone.”

“When you were—oh,” Momoi says, then she whistles when she sees the photo, “Yes, I could see how that would work. You were so impressive, Takao-kun! I’ve always wanted to seduce someone to their own destruction, but I sadly never have. Yet.”

Sakurai’s blush grows when the photo gets passed to him and then says, “You were destructively seducing people?”

“Only the one time,” Takao says reassuringly.

“You should wear shorts for Midorin! I bet he blushes adorably.”

“He does blush adorably, but eh,” Takao says. There’s nothing he likes more than making Midorima blush, but it would be a little odd to wear the outfit he wore to seduce Midorima’s evil twin, for Midorima.

“Or we could buy new outfits!” Momoi says. “We should go shopping sometime! Ryou-kun, you’re in, too, right?”

“I don’t have the legs for it,” Sakurai protests. “They’re too skinny.”

“Oh, true, but we could get you something else that’s sexy,” Momoi says.

“I have no one to dress sexy for,” Sakurai points out.

“You could with a new outfit!” Momoi says, and they all agree that’s flawless logic right there.


A/N: Hahahaha, OK, so, back a million years ago when I wrote this for the “shorts” prompt and then another one because someone asked for a follow up, I then got these requests and I was flummoxed for a super long time because I was like, “but….it was a gag crack!fic…I don’t know how to keep writing more of this gag crack!fic…” And then finally had this idea, so sorry, anon-friends! I am sorry for how long it took and that I’m combining them and that it’s not quite what either of you asked for, but it was the only idea I had so I hope you enjoyed anywaaaaaay.

Sanrio Danshi - Nishimiya Ryou Character Profile

A first year (high school)
Height: 165 cm (5’4”)
Birthday: September 16
Club: Going home club
Committee: Library committee

I don’t have many friends because I’m shy around people. I tend to walk with my head down. I grew up loved by my mother and my three older sisters. I have an unusual complex about my appearance. 「Laugh and you’re cuter than those girls in the vicinity (Kouta-dan) 」

Just like a girl, I grew up surrounded by Kiki and Lala (like stuffed toys, etc). Because of the fact that I love Kiki and Lala, I thought that it’s something to be embarrassed about. I ended up denying it (his love for the sanrio twins) completely to Kouta, Yuu, and Shunsuke.

As I fell into self-loathing, Seiichirou said, “You are free to love what you want, right?” I apologized to those three.

I easily get familiar with and I am the pampered youngest child. I am accustomed to tea culture. I like to eat cake in the café.

*commented/said by Kouta

T/N: So they are in first name basis, huh. Wow ( ◜◒◝ )♡
Ryou-kun is so adorable so I translated his profile first, haha. I’m thankful the kanji can be copied. I’m a sucker for kanji (⌣_⌣”) Anyway, I’ll try translating the other profiles but not soon because I’m busy too ww

and together let us all spread the love for these danshis~

oh and im not actually sure if it’s ryou-kun’s mother and elder sisters that have the complex about appearances…or ryou-kun himself 

  • Alice: Ryou-kun, how could you do this to Hayama? You two are so close that I occasionally have nightmares of you running away together.
  • Akira: Where do we go?
  • Ryou: One time we went to Aspen.
  • Akira: Oh, I hope it was summer. I’m not that big a skier.

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Can I have a scenario for eiji, fuji, tezuka, yukimura, niou, atobe, and shishido where their s/o can't sleep and they try and fix it. Please and thank you!

Here you go, love. <3


Kikumaru tightly squeezed you against his chest, cooing sweetly in your ear “Don’t worry, (Name)! I have the perfect plan to help you sleep, nyaa!~” Kikumaru hopped out of your bed and started to rummage through his bag. With a triumphant yell he pulled out his MP3 player and jumped back on the bed. The bed shook under his weight and you giggled a bit when you bounced up and down. 

Kikumaru pushed the earphones on your head and picked up his large stuffed bear from next to his bed “Look, (Name). You can cuddle with me and Daigoro the whole time and listen to music until you fall asleep.” Kikumaru put on a rather calming song and you ended up getting squished against his chest with Daigoro between you. To be honest it didn’t make it easier to fall asleep, but Kikumaru stayed awake with you until your eyes finally closed, making sure to turn the music down to not disturb your sleep before he allowed himself to close his eyes as well.


During the last week you were barely able to sleep at all. You weren’t really sure why, but you just couldn’t fall asleep no matter how tired you were and Fuji grew more and more worried.  After half an hour of silently lying in his arms it was obvious that you wouldn’t be able to sleep again. The moon light up your bedroom and you were able to see the frown on Fuji’s face before he softly kissed your lips “I read that lavender oil can help. Would you like me to give you a massage?” 

You nodded your head, honestly, you were dead tired and a massage from your boyfriend didn’t sound bad. Fuji went to get the oil and you rolled on your stomach, letting Fuji pulled up your shirt to expose your back. His hands were callous, but they felt warm and tender on your skin. Fuji carefully worked out the knots in your back, making you groan, a subtle lavender scent filling the room. When Fuji had finished the massage you were already fast asleep. Fuji lay down next to you and pulled the covers back over your body but continued to stroke your back until he fell asleep too.


You lay awake for a while before you carefully wriggled under Tezuka’s arm to cuddle against hist chest. It was definitely more comfortable, but you still weren’t able to sleep. “Are you not able to sleep, (Name)?”, the sudden question startled you, but you nodded against Tezuka’s chest. Tezuka pulled you closer to his body, both of his arms securely wrapping around you. You let out a content hum and both of you lay in silence for a while, but no matter how long you closed your eyes, sleep still seemed impossible. After a few more minutes Tezuka suggested to take a walk. 

The usual lively streets were empty and you walked closer to Tezuka. He showed you one of his rare smiles before he took your hand. The night air was fresh and helped to clear your head while you walked in comfortable silence. When he came back from your short walk you immediately snuggled against Tezuka’s warm chest. You faintly heard him whisper “Good night, (Name).” before you fell asleep.


Careful to not wake up Yukimura you slipped out of your bedroom. You only managed to walk down a few steps before a warm hand curled around your upper arm “Can’t sleep?”. You tilted your head back to look up at your boyfriend “Yeah, sorry I woke you up.” Yukimura shook his head with a gentle smile on his face “You didn’t wake me up. I just can’t sleep when you are not next to me.” Yukimura’s hand slid down your arm until he could intertwine your fingers. He gave your hand a soft squeeze before tugging you along with him into the kitchen. 

A giggle escaped your lips when Yukimura suddenly lifted you up to sit on the counter “What are you doing, Seii-chan?” Yukimura pressed a quick peck on your lips before he opened up a cupboard to fetch your favorite mug “I’m making you some warm milk with honey and we can stay up until you get tired.” You felt bad for Yukimura losing sleep because of you, but he gave you no chance to protest “Just accept it, (Name). I’m staying up with you.” After drinking your milk Yukimura and you cuddled on the couch, talking about whatever came to your mind and it didn’t take long until you fell asleep on his shoulder.


Niou woke up when you turned around in bed yet again. With a small groan he blinked open his eyes, staring directly at you “What’s wrong?” You couldn’t help, but whine “I can’t sleep… I really tried everything.” Niou yawned before sitting up in bed. Confused you watched how he threw off the covers and turned on the lights. Without looking at you he opened your wardrobe and pulled on a sweater. Suddenly he threw one of his sweater at you, but you continued to watch him “Uhm… what should I do with it?” 

Niou looked over his shoulder to roll his eyes “Put it on.” Knowing that he wouldn’t tell you more you slipped the sweater over your head before standing up as well. Niou grabbed your hand and led you through the dark house until you reached your front door where he put on his shoes and gestured for your to put on a pair as well. With a groan you did as he told you and let him lead you out of the house. You walked in silence for a while until Niou smirked at you over his shoulder “Ever broken into an open-air pool?”


Atobe never fell asleep before you were sleeping, so even after laying awake for more than 2 hours he still held you in his arms, gently stroking over your hair and back. You let out a small whimper, you were exhausted and you wanted nothing more than finally sleeping. Atobe held you a bit tighter, his lips softly brushing over your forehead. Gracefully Atobe sat up to turn on the bedside lamp. You groaned at the loss of warmth, making Atobe chuckle. He picked up a book from his nightstand and leaned back against the headboard “Come on, love. I’m going to read to you for a bit.” 

Atobe held his arm out for you and you immediately cuddled into his side, resting your head on his chest. You let out a content sigh when Atobe pulled the silky sheets over your shoulder before he started to read the poems to you. His voice was deep and soothing and you could feel it resonant in his chest. You soon stopped paying attention to the words and only focused on the sound of his voice. It didn’t take long for your eyelids to grow heavy and you fell asleep. Atobe continued to read until he was sure that you wouldn’t wake up again before he closed the book and pressed a kiss on top of your head “Sweet dreams, love.”


Shishido’s arm was tightly wrapped around your waist, so it was no surprise that he woke up whenever you moved around in bed. You really tried to stay still so he can sleep, but it was just impossible. After you woke him up by moving around for the 5th time Shishido propped himself up with one arm. Shishido’s voice was husky from sleep and you would definitely have found it sexy if you weren’t so tired when he groaned, “What are you doing, (Name)?” You rolled on your back to look up at him, unconsciously pouting “I can’t fall asleep, Ryou-kun.” In the dark you weren’t able to see the worry in his eyes, but he tenderly stroked over your cheek with his finger. 

You squeaked in surprise when he suddenly pulled you to lie on top of him “If you can’t sleep tell me something.”. One muscular arm wrapped around your waist, while he started to play with your hair, twirling the strands around his finger. You buried your face in his neck, breathing in as much of his fresh, musky scent as possible. Shishido’s scent always had a calming effect on you. He smelled like home and safety. Shishido let you talk about your day, only humming in affirmation from time to time while he stroked your hair. It didn’t take long until your words changed into mumbling and finally into deep breaths. Shishido tightened his hold on you, securing you on top of his body before he closed his eyes as well.

aizawa shouta (1)

(backstory stuff, featuring parents and middle school jerks and a cat)

When Aizawa Shouta is twelve, he’s old enough to help his father check the math while balancing the family’s checkbook, and he does.  He’s not always right, but Mom’s in bed early most nights and Dad seems to like having him around.  And it’s–fun?  Satisfying.  It’s satisfying, especially when Dad sits back and says something like “Not a bad month” or “We’re doing alright, Shou-chan.”

That means all the math checked out in a good way, and math always makes sense.  Not like people.

People almost never make sense to Shouta.

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OMG I SAW YOUR PHOTO FIC AND I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!! I want to see how the Miracles will react when they find out (which will probably happen sooner than later). I get the feeling that this will end with the Miracles with their own group photo in their own set of t-shirts as insisted by the Miracle Boyfriends Club lololol

Kuroko finds the shirt when he does the laundry.

He looks at the shirt for longer than he should, because Kagami walks in and finds him like that. “Kuroko, do you—ack!” Kagami moves with the instincts of a seasoned athlete and grabs the shirt out of Kuroko’s hands before Kuroko can pull back.

“Kagami-kun, you are so shameless, I had no idea,” Kuroko says passively.

“It’s not what you think! It’s not mine!”

“It belongs to someone else who is dating a Miracle, then?” Kuroko inquires, politely.

“I mean it’s,” Kagami flushes, “OK, it’s mine, but it was all Takao’s fault. He made it.”

“I see,” Kuroko says. He tries to picture Kagami in the shirt (and finds that he actually really wants to see Kagami in the shirt), “That color would not go well with your hair at all.”

“I know, shut up.” Kagami scrunches up the shirt into a ball and refuses to meet his gaze. “I wanted a black one.”

Which, Kuroko notes, is not the same thing as not wanting to wear the shirt at all. A flush of warmth spreads through his body, and Kuroko is pretty sure he can convince Kagami to wear the shirt for him after all.


Kise finds the shirt on accident, when he’s rifling through Kasamatsu’s dresser. (He’s run out of clothes, and he really hates doing laundry and loves wearing Kasamatsu’s clothes, so really, it only makes sense to combine these two things by picking through Kasamatsu’s shirts).

It’s in the very back of the bottom drawer, shoved into the corner, and when Kise finds it he makes an inhaling, gasping, squealing noise that must sound very alarming because Kasamatsu comes storming in, “Oi, Kise, what’s wrong—oh, crap.”

Senpai,” Kise breathes, “Please put this on, please, please.”

“Not even in your wildest fantasy,” Kasamatsu says.

“This is definitely going in my fantasies,” Kise agrees. “Please, wear it just once, I will do anything, anything, if you put this on. Any demeaning, most depraved thing you might want, I will do it.”

And to Kise’s surprise, Kasamatsu actually pauses and thinks it over. Kise thinks he might actually die from a combination of happiness and lack of oxygen.

Kasamatsu snatches the shirt from Kise’s hands while he’s distracted.

“Senpai,” Kise pouts.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Kasamatsu says. “The next time I need you to do something.”

“Wha—what’d you say?”

But Kasamatsu has already left, his ears faintly red.


Takao plans very strategically for the reveal. He waits for a time when his mom and sister will be out of the house (they’re at MM Land, with Dr. Kishitani and Naoko, making it absolutely perfect because there’s no chance Midorima’s family will be around either) and then he invites Midorima over for dinner.

Takao has a game he likes to play, it’s called, “Make Shin-chan Blush Increasingly Deeper Shades of Red at Every Opportunity.” The redder Midorima gets, the more points Takao awards himself in this game. He’s winning, so far.

This night, starts with him opening the door wearing an apron. “Shin-chan, you made it!”

“What are you wearing?” Midorima sputters, already faintly red.

Takao grins, “Do you want dinner, a bath, or me?”

Midorima turns around to leave.

“Wait, wait! Come back, I was only kidding,” Takao says, pulling Midorima into the house. “Come on, I actually made dinner!”

“Fool,” Midorima says, redder than before.

Now that he’s in the house, with the door safely closed behind him, Takao goes in for the kill and takes off the apron.

“What—what is that?”

“This old thing?” Takao says, gesturing to his green shirt. “Do you like it? I made it myself.”

“Take that off right now,” Midorima says.

“Ooh, Shin-chan, so bold,” Takao grins, moving to take off his shirt.

That’s not what I meant.”

This is new levels of red on Midorima, and Takao counts this night as a huge success.


Himuro always wears his shirt. Pretty much whenever they’re not required to be in uniform. Murasakibara doesn’t even really bat an eye.

“Dude, I am not going out with you when you’re wearing that shirt,” Fukui says.

“Hm?” Himuro says.

“God, you two are so embarrassing. I am not going to the movies when you’re wearing a matching shirt to your matching boyfriend. Especially since you guys can’t keep your hands off each other.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Himuro says innocently.

“You’re sitting in his lap right now,” Fukui whines.

“Well, we’re not out yet,” Himuro says.

“We’ve been out with you before, it doesn’t stop you,” Liu says. “Change your shirt, Himuro.”

“But I look good in purple, don’t you think?”

“Murochin does look good in purple,” Murasakibara agrees.


“We’re leaving you here,” Fukui says.


Furihata loves his shirt, but he doesn’t know when he can wear it. He is not brave enough to wear it in public, and he would get no end of grief from Kyo if he wore it around the house.

But because he wants to wear the shirt, even when he isn’t necessarily brave enough to show it off to public, he decides to wear it as an undershirt when he’s out to see Akashi. That way, he has the satisfaction of wearing it without anyone else knowing, which does provide a fair amount of satisfaction.

“Furihata,” Akashi says, in the croon of his that’s a mixture of a purr and a command and also makes Furihata shiver with all kinds of thoughts about the kind of situation they’d be in where Akashi could use that voice. “Are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?”

“Wh-what?” Furihata laughs nervously. “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve heard about the shirts from Murasakibara, Kise and a very reluctant Midorima. Is that yours?”

Furihata knows he’s blushing. He forgets sometimes that the Miracles do talk to one another. “…Maybe.”

“Please, let me see it?”

Oh god, Furihata really needs to develop some sort of immunity to Akashi when he sounds like that, because it is not good for his health. Akashi asking for anything is a particular weakness of his. Furihata peels off his top shirt, and is pretty sure he must be matching the red shirt that everyone can now see.

“How lovely,” Akashi says, sounding incredibly smug. “That’s a good color for you, Furi.”


“You mean you all have one?” Momoi exclaims. “That’s no fair, I want one! A pink one!”

“You’re a Miracle,” Takao points out. “You’re not qualified to be in our club.”

“I want one for Dai-chan!” Momoi insists.

“I’m not wearing a pink shirt,” Aomine says.

She sniffs. “Then I’ll see if Ryou-kun wants one.”

“No, you won’t!”

“Hmm, good point, Aomine is, technically, a Miracle Boyfriend,” Takao says, gleefully.

“I’m not joining your stupid club,” Aomine says.

“We don’t want you in our club, so you can’t join,” Kagami says.

“Shut up, Kagami, don’t tell me what to do!”

“Aomine-kun would not look good in pink,” Kuroko says innocently.

“Fuck you, Tetsu, I would look awesome in pink.”

“Done and done, then,” Takao says. “I’ll make you one by the next meeting.”

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! I’ve been wanting to write this story. Special thanks to @shortwhiteafrican whose comment on Archive about the Miracles reactions was so spot on I had to write it (that was you, right, friend? Sorry if it’s not.) Anyway, I am starting the new year with some Designation: Miracle, so thanks, friends!!

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GOM having a bad day and they're kinda annoyed by how optimistic & positive their s/o is, when they ask their s/o why they're so cheery all the time their s/o responds that it's because they have them and that's all they need to be happy. Thanks :)

omg who is this heavenly s/o i love them

Kuroko: He was grouchy. And apparently no amount of glaring was going to tone down the happy aura that surrounded you like a cloud. Or maybe it was because you couldn’t tell he was glaring. Kagami-kun had said before that his glares weren’t very obvious.

He decided on a verbal attack. “____-chan.”

You turned to him with an angelic smile. “Yes, Tetsu-kun?”

“Please stop smiling.”

You were puzzled, but your smile didn’t falter. “Why would I do that?”

“In respect for those not feeling cheery.” He deadpanned, though a normal person wouldn’t be able to tell. “Why are you so happy, anyway?”

Collapsing next to him on the couch, you turned to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Why wouldn’t I be happy? I have you. It’s all I need to make me happy.” Throwing your arms out with a laugh, you yelled, “I’m feeling on top of the world!”

Kuroko blinked once. Then twice. He then leaned forward for a deep kiss. “I need some of that happiness, ____-chan, please transfer it to me through this.”

Kise: It was rare that he allowed his unhappy feelings to be visible to others. But today had been particularly bad. And what made it worse, you seemed to have had a particularly good day. 

You hummed to yourself with a smile while you scrolled through your phone, stretched out on the couch. Kise sat by your feet, pouting, waiting for you to notice he was grumpy and coddle him. 

When you continued to be distracted by your phone, he pulled it out of your grasp and fixed you with an irritated face. “Why are you so happy. Today sucks.”

That irritating upturn of your lips remained fixed on your face. “I’m happy because I have you, Ryou-kun, what more do I need?”

He stared at you, wide eyed, then glanced at your phone in his hand. Apparently you’d been editing pictures of the two of you to post on your social media. 

His mood immediately brightened, and he lunged forward to give you a good, long hug. “Hold me, ____-cchi! You’re the best!”

Midorima: To an outsider, the living room would closely resemble a battle between sunshine, and an actual storm. 

Every time Midorima would shoot a negative comment towards you, you’d happily reply with something optimistic. He kicked it up a notch, saying things that could have started wars (or even… gasp… ended relationships), but you’d pay him no mind, just patted his hand and giving him a smile or a kiss on the cheek. 

Annoyed, he crossed his arms and turned a deathly glare towards you. “Why the hell are you so positive all the time? Don’t you get exhausted?”

You tilted your head at him questioningly. “What do you mean, exhausted? I have you. It fuels my happiness.”

And the comment was made innocently, a hundred percent truthful, because you turned back to whatever book you were reading without fluttering an eyelash.

But the effect on Midorima was huge. He instantly became a blushing mess, thanking every god he knew that you were too engrossed in your book to pay any mind to the fact that your few words had left him in shambles. 

Rather, in response, he managed to tone down his blush, and went about his work with a feeling of warmth in his chest. The storm was subdued. 

Aomine: A grumpy Aomine made sure everyone in his vicinity knew that he was having a bad day. He grumbled loudly to himself, kicked things out of his path with unnecessary violence, and replied to you with sarcasm and huffiness, which you took surprisingly well. 

As the day began to come to an end, and Aomine was still as mad as ever, you tried to cheer him up by ordering his favourite take-out meal. When that didn’t help, you ran a nicely scented bath for him. Even that didn’t work. 

When the both of you were getting into bed, Aomine suddenly confronted you. “Oi, why’re you so happy all the time? It’s disgusting.” He slipped under the covers, pulling them up to his chin, and turned a dark glare towards you.

You tried not to laugh at how cute he looked. “I’m happy because I have you, of course.”

The glare faltered, fizzled, and then slowly died out, leaving him just staring at you. 

Ignoring his reaction, you got into bed yourself, turning off the lamp. “’Night, Dai.”


A few minutes later, Aomine hesitantly scooched up closer to you, pressed your back against his chest, and buried his face in your hair. 

Murasakibara: “I’m mad, ____-chin, so you need to not be so happy.” He grouched, flipping through T.V. channels. 

You hummed in agreement, and tried to tone down your happiness while you lay on the couch, head on Murasakibara’s lap, reading a book. 

A few minutes later, Murasakibara glanced down at you, and you were once more displaying a sickening amount of cheerfulness. You weren’t even smiling. It was just that apparent on your face.  

“____-chiiiin.” He whined, tossing the remote control away and focusing all his attention on you. “You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?” You didn’t even spare him a glance– just continued on with your book.

“Being so happy!”

Without removing your eyes from the printed words in front of you, you reached a hand up and gently caressed his face, speaking absentmindedly. “When I have someone as nice as you to rest my head on, then I have no reason to be unhappy, y’know?”

Murasakibara narrowed his eyes and turned his head away, moving it in a way so that his hair covered his blush. “Don’t be embarrassing.” He grumbled. 

You hummed once more in agreement, not really paying attention. 

But Murasakibara didn’t really mind. He just stretched out on the couch as well, turned the T.V. off, and fell asleep to the sound of your breathing. 

Akashi: He was thunderous. 

Any sane person would simply just remove themselves from Akashi’s presence until the next day. Or the next year. However long it took for him to calm down. 

But you were probably of another species, not able to take queues from your surroundings. You happily went about your day, showering Akashi with the normal amount of affection, doing your own work, and figuring out what to make for dinner, since it was your turn to cook. 

While he ate dinner, and you sat across from him at the small dining table, he saw that you were mercifully not making any sort of conversation with him. But he also saw that remaining quiet didn’t dampen your pleasant mood in the slightest. 

“____.” He finally said, putting his chopsticks down and folding his hands on his lap. 

You looked up with a smile. “Yeah?”

“May I ask why you’re so happy?” His voice was controlled, even, normal. But his irritation was still evident through his eyes.

Your smile became puzzled. “Why wouldn’t I be?”


Chuckling, you took a bite, swallowed, then continued to speak. “I mean, I’m eating dinner with my most favourite person. I don’t really need much else to make me happy.”

Akashi was dumbfounded at this new piece of information that you so nonchalantly gave out. His mere presence was enough to make you exude such a violent amount of happiness?

For the first time that day, he smiled. 

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You always seem to open these at just the right time! I love you and your writing, by the way! Is it possible to have a fluffy scenario where the s/o manages to just make the guys face flush completely? Like the guys have embarrassed themselves or the s/o was just to cute and they couldn't handle it? With Ryoma, Kikumaru, Kirihara, Bunta, Kin-chan, Chotarou, Shishido and Zaizen, if it's not to much trouble. Thank you!


Ryoma watched with an raised eyebrow how you played with Karupin, making small cat noises from time to time. Suddenly Karupin licked over your nose, making you shriek in surprise before letting out a giggle. You looked up at Ryoma, still smiling “Look, Ryoma!” Ryoma let out a groan, pulling his cap lower to hide the blush on his cheeks before thrusting his hands into his pockets when he grumbled “Can you just stop being so adorable, idiot?”


Kikumaru came home late from tennis training. His mother informed him that you were already waiting for him in his room. Excitedly sprinting up the stairs he barged into his room only to stop dead in his tracks when his eyes landed on you. You were curled up on his bed, his old teddy bear, Daigoro, clutched against your chest. Kikumaru stared at you with wide eyes, his cheeks slowly turning a dark red – god, you were so adorable. He squealed “Sooo cute, nyaa!~” before he jumped onto his bed, pulling you tightly into his arms to nuzzle his cheek against yours, not bothering that you woke up and saw him blush…


Kirihara loudly belted the lyrics along to the song playing on his phone while putting a generous amount of your strawberry body lotion on his legs. Smirking you leaned against the door frame, stiffling a giggle when he screeched “Primadonna girl, yeeeeeeah…All I ever wanted was the world!” You cleared your throat when the song changed and Kirihara’s had snapped up. You could see how his cheeks turned red and he frantically flailed his arms “No! How long have you been standing there?!” Before you could answer he fell over, tumbling into the bathtub. You probably never laughed so hard before…


Marui stretched over the cafe’s table, holding out a fork of cake for you. You looked around, a bit embarrassed about him feeding you in public. Suddenly the cake dropped from the fork, landing on your crotch. Marui quickly mumbled a few apologies before rushing towards you, trying to wipe off the cake with a napkin. It took him a few minutes to realize where exactly he was wiping because he suddenly looked up, his cheeks now the same color as his hair. You awkwardly scoffed “U-Uhm, would you mind taking you hand off my crotch?” Marui quickly backed away, hitting his head on the table with a loud thud. All the people in the cafe turned towards you and Marui meekly muttered another apology. You couldn’t help but laugh – it was kind of cute to see the usual confident Marui so embarrassed…


You were shopping with your best friend when suddenly someone yelled your name. Turning around you saw Kintaro waving at you, the rest of the regulars surrounding him. Smiling you waved back and Kintaro immediately came running up to you with a lopsided grin. You giggled about his excitement and Kintaro picked up even more speed, not looking left or right. He bumped into a few people, but he easily had enough energy to push them out of the was… that was until he slammed head first into a pole. He got thrown back a few feet by the force and you quickly ran up to him, crouching down in worry. Kintaro slowly blinked open his eyes, his cheeks turning a cute red when he saw you next to him “Oh… that was embarrassing. I only want to look cool in front of you!” Kintaro usually never was embarrassed about anything so the whole thing was kind of adorable… except the large bump on his forehead.


You were in the kitchen when a girly scream ripped through the silence “(Naaaaaaaaaaame)!”  You rushed up the stairs, taking to steps at once while wondering how the hell your giant of a boyfriend made such a noise. Skidding to a halt in your room you saw Chotarou standing on top of your bed, pointing at a small grasshopper with a shaking hand “Take it out! Oh god… Take it out now!” You raised an eyebrow slowly walking towards the grasshopper. Chotarou let out muffled scream when it moved slightly and you looked up at him “Really? A grasshopper? I thought someone was attacking you.” You had seen Chotarou blush a lot of times, but never he had been so red like right now. Despite that he still pointed at the grasshopper “Just take it out, please!”


Shishido slung his tennis bag over his shoulder before strolling out of the house. He stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted you leaning against the wall near his house. You looked up and waved at him “Good morning, Ryou-kun!” Stopping in front of you he mumbled a “Good morning.” still confused why you were here. You pulled something out of your bag, handing it to him with a smile “I know you have to go to the tournament, but I just wanted to give you this and wish you good luck!” Shishido looked down at the small charm in his hand and he knew that his face was bright red by now. Unconsciously he reached out, pulling you into his arms, pressing a soft kiss on top of your head, “F-Fuck… thank you. I’ll do my best..god, I’m so lame right now.”


Zaizen looked up in surprise when he heard you yelling his name. You rushed over the school yard towards him, almost tripping if he hadn’t reached out in time to catch you. Your hair was slightly messy and your cheeks red from all the running, but you looked up at him with a happy smile “Happy Birthday, Hikaru-kun!” You handed him a neatly wrapped present and Zaizen could tell you worked hard on it. Zaizen unwrapped the present and pulled out brand new headphones. You looked a bit anxiously, “Do you like it? I really wanted to make you happy for your birthday.” Zaizen covered his eyes with a hand, unsuccessfully fighting his blush, you were just way to adorable. Suddenly Zaizen pulled you against his chest, burying his head in your hair “Shit. What are you doing to me?”