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ドラマ『弱虫ペダル season2』の壮行会でした!

皆さんと楽しい時間を過ごせて良かった〜^ ^ 

#ドラペダ をよろしくお願い致します(°▽°)!

was Drama『Yowamushi Pedal season 2』kick-off party!
Everyone who came! Thank you very much!

It was great to have a fun time with everyone~^^

By all means, from now on
please support #dorapeda(°▽°)!

Anunciado el Anime ReLIFE “Final Chapter” que llegará en marzo de 2018

¡¡El Anime de cuatro episodios será puesto a la venta en un solo volumen Blu-ray y DVD!!

La web oficial del Anime adaptación del Manga de ReLIFE por Yayoiso, comenzó la transmisión de un vídeo promocional para anunciar que un nuevo Anime secuela titulado ReLIFE “Final Chapter” (ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen) tiene luz verde para su producción. El Anime de cuatro episodios se pondrá a la venta en un volumen Blu-ray y DVD en marzo del 2018 en Japón. 

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This image is from a bigger poster from the Stage Play pamphlet. I manipulated the image with photoshop, because there were parts of the other actors visible. Now it’s just Naraku in this photo ^^

(please do not repost and claim as your image - thank you)


Mini comics posted on twitter. I rather enjoy making these! 

Kimura and Umezawa exchange some birthday presents. Kimura WOULD give flowers while Ume would definitely show off his artistic skills. All things considered, Kimura would be touched.

The Machimiya and Miyata switch is just me being silly after finding out that both these Miya’s share the same voice actor. Miyata would probably do fine cycling but I’m not too sure about Machimiya on the ring…