ryota oor


“I was in a shoe store in Hawaii, and a Twenty One Pilots’ music video came on. I was like ‘Who is this?’ This was before they got really big. As soon as I saw the music video, I was like ‘These guys are going to be huge.’ We totally respect Tyler and Josh as artists, so we brought them out to open for us in Japan.” ― Taka

John Feldmann ( @johnfeldy ) //Via. Instagram

Honored and privileged to have @10969taka from @oneokrockofficial on the new @goldfingermusic album. You are a legend my friend and a friend and what is more important than friends! 🤗 Thank you for being such a loyal and stand up guy and always believing in the power of music

OMG!! Cutties-pretty-little babies everywhere, I’m very grateful to have these babies in the world 😭😭💙
Congrats Ryota and Tomo-kun, god bless your beautiful wifes, you guys are great persons so i’m sure you’ll be great parents too.
Congratulations! Take care!

Photo: @rennagisa