ryota kozuka


An impulse translation of Ryota Kozuka’s notes on one of my favorite songs in the SMT4 OST because I feel like it:

The idea behind this song is that it’s supposed to be playing in the background off of an old record, so in the game proper, there are other ambient elements mixed into the audio that are designed to play that up. In the latter half of the song, you can hear phrases from K’s Taven, albeit broken apart. It’s supposed to subtly imply that music that would once play in Tokyo in the past made it through to Mikado…somehow or other.

I’m tempted to make the OST notes a candidate for fundraising stuff over on the Atlus Atlas, but there are some unique hurdles that would need to be overcome for that to be seriously considered for scanlation.

For now, here’s a freebie because I’m feeling sentimental tonight.