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Mako edged into the cafe, happy to escape the hordes of shoppers outside and wondering why he had thought this would be a good idea. Collapsing into the nearest free chair he absentmindedly fanned himself with a menu, letting his eyes drift across the drinks board. While he was trying to figure out the confusing social etiquette of whether to get up or stay seated to order, he saw a server scurry past; a server who looked distantly familiar… Maybe a friend of Yugi’s? This was Domino City after all. “Hello, Excuse me!” he turned and shouted across the cafe (earning himself irritable glares from less obnoxious patrons), and offering a friendly wave.

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You Are My Reason To Live.

This is an AU based on the 9th chapter. NaeGiri, of course. The first part of this one-shot is the Chapter’s events. You can skip it if you want.

“Then, we’re under the sea?” Asked Naegi. The four of them were sitting on the floor, with some food and drinks, “But why go so far?”

“So, Togami is on his way?” Asked Kirigiri.

“Yeah” Told Naegi “Enough time’s passed that he should be here any minute…” Asahina and Makoto looked at each other “Maybe something happened… If so, it might be my fault.” He said, staring at the floor.

“What happened?” Kyoko asked, surprised by Naegi’s comment.

He laugh, but it was something like a painful laugh “They told me… that someone would die because of me.”

“Seeing you act so weak is rare” the purple-haired girl admited, looking straight at him “Did Vice-chairman Munakata tell you something?” She suggested

Naegi let out a sigh, and started talking his mind “Until now, I’ve always thoough I could do something more. But… here, I’m helpless.” While he talked, Kirigiri took off her left glove “Just like Munakata says, maybe my words have no power. But-“

“I don’t think so” Kyoko interrupted him, grabing his hand with hers, surprising him. “The power of the words you believed became everyone’s hope, right?” She asked without waiting for an answer “It became my hope. Have confidence in yourself.” Naegi looked at her, speechless, so she continued, “Isn’t that Little bit of optimism what’s great about you?” She paused for a second, as Makoto let out a soft gasp “Hope is infectious. If your power isn’t enough, we’re here for you. Everyone is behind you.”

Naegi smiled, feeling touched with Kyoko’s words, “Yeah.” He reply.


The four of them were staring at a piece of paper, which contained the NG codes they knew till the moment.

“Chairman Tengan” Was the only thing Ryota could say.

“I saw him dead on the monitor.” Talked Naegi this time. “He left a message. ‘I entrust the hope of the world to you’.”

“The hope of the world…” Repited Mitarai. “I can’t keep…”


Both Naegi and Mitarai were trying to move what they would use as barricade for the door. But it was in vain, it wasn’t moving. Until Asahina pushed it easily, causing both boys to fall onto the floor.

“Okay, that does it!” She exclaimed after finishing.

“Wow. Ah s-sorry!” Naegi apologised “I-It’s my fault you have so much muscle, right?” Asahina only laughed at him, causing both Makoto and Mitarai to start laughing too.

In the back, Kirigiri was checking her NG code once more, and later directing her view to her three partners. “It’s almost the time limit.” She commented.

“We’ve locked the doors and made a barricade!” Asahina exclaimed.

“We still may not be safe, though” Kirigiri though.

“That’s right. The attacker has complete control of the facility” Ryota remembered. “They could open the lock…”

“We can’t be sure, huh?” Aoi asked, looking at Kyoko.

“Hey, Naegi-kun” Kirigiri called “No matter what happens, don’t give up on hope. I shall always be by your side.”

“Yeah. I’ll do what I can” He responded. “We won’t lose. We can’t lose!” Aoi moved her head affirmatively.

Their bracelets finally rang, announcing the fourth time limit. The first one to rest on the floor was Mitarai, followed by Aoi seconds after. Naegi fell asleep too, while Kyoko stared at him, with a smile on her face. She then fell asleep too.

Maybe for the last time…


The first one to wake up was Naegi, looking at everyone. “We’re alive… Good, no one’s been killed!”

“Looks like we’re safe” Aoi woke up.

Naegi looked at Kirigiri, she didn’t wake up. “Kirigiri-san…?”

The three of them saw her face, and hurried to her.

“Kirigiri-san! Kirigiri-san!” Exclaimed Naegi, while grabing her left wrist.

“Her NG code?” Asked Asahina, scared. Naegi activated Kirigiri’s bracelet in order to read her NG code.

‘Passing the fourth time limit with Naegi Makoto alive’

“Why… Why didn’t you say anything?” Asked Naegi quietly, while letting go of her hand. He could hear Munakata’s voice in the background, but he didn’t pay attention.

Kirigiri, after all this time looking for her, was dead, in front of him, and it was his fault.


Naegi let out a gasp, as he sat down on the floor. It was a nightmare. Without waiting for the others to wake up, he got up and ran to Kirigiri. The left side of her face was purple. He closed his eyes, tears rolling down his face. “Kirigiri-san…”

Both Ryota and Asahina sat with him, the latter crying out her name between tears.

Suddenly, Makoto felt something touching his face, and when he open his eyes, he finds her, Kirigiri, loking at him, with a almost unnoticeable smile.

Without warning, Asahina hugged her, with tears all over her face.

“W-What? H-How?” Ryota asked atonished. Kirigiri pointed to a bottle of pills, so he grabed it. It was Seiko’s Cure W.

It took her a lot of effort to sit, but she managed to do it. Naegi was still in shock, he couldn’t believe it. She was really alive? “Didn’t I tell you I sall always be by your side?” Kyoko murmured, after cleaning the blood tear from her left eye. “It worked better than I expected. I though I wouldn’t be able to move the left side of my body” She commented like she was talking about the weather.

Both Mitarai and Asahina were talking about how amazing Seiko was, because of those pills. Naegi lowered his head, tears rolling down his cheeks. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t say anything.

“Naegi-kun?” Kyoko called him. But there was no response.

Finally, Naegi moved. He got closer to Kirigiri and, grabing her face with his hands, he looked at her. Their faces inches appart. Kirigiri was shocked, but she didn’t push him away. They were looking at each other, no words needed.

Both of them closed their eyes, leaning foward, until it happened. Their lips met in a soft kiss. So simple, but at the same time, so full of feelings.

They stayed like that for what they though years. Once they separated, opening their eyes, Makoto smiled. “I’d though I lost you…” He murmured.

“You should know by now that I will never leave you.” Was Kirigiri’s response.

On the background, Ryota was looking at the floor, he felt really bad, but at the same time, he was happy she survived. While, Asahina was celebrating, finally, they kissed.

Kirigiri’s face was still purple on its left side, and you could see some veins too, but she was alive.

So, I told my best friend that, next week, Kirigiri would wake up and Naegi would kiss her. He told me that it would never happen. If it happens, I’m gonna punch him~