“By the power of Yami, ruler of the Land of Darkness, I, Ninetails, have been made lord of Ryoshima Coast! You needn’t have come all this way just for me to kill you.”

Okami probably has the number 1 place on my list of masterpiece games, and no other game, not even Breath of the Wild (who is close up there), can top it. Okami is a game I recommend to anyone who hasn’t played it!


FACE CLAIM: Go Ara  (Who is fabulous in any role she takes.)

NAME: Caalun Mankhad

AGE: Twenty-four summers.


SPECIES: Au’ra - Xaela

GENDER: Female

NAMEDAY: Seventh Sun of the Third Umbral Moon. (6/7)

RESIDENCE: Transient. 


ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good

DRINK: She’s very partial to the Eorzean imports that have slowly been tricking into the trade cities of late, though Rum is at the top of that list thus far.

FOOD: Smoked fish that’s been stuffed with wild onions and ramsons. Baked clams. She isn’t too picky when it comes to the bounty of the sea. Though her utmost favorite is pufferfish, even if she’ll only trust the elders of her clan to even prepare it as the fish is integral to her clan and very /very/ poisonous if not prepared properly.


SNACKS: Dried bits of seaweed and turtle meat.

A FEW CURRENT SONGS ON THEIR PLAYLIST:  Ryoshima Coast - Okami OST  and Sun by Thomas Bergerson

PET: None at the moment.

COLOR: Light blues, dark purples, whites, and browns.

FLOWER: Sea Holly (It can be dried and used as potpourri and some varieties are edible, which is more useful to her than anything else. She isn’t fond of flowers that are purely for sentimental value.)

SEXUALITY: Unexplored, though likely bisexual with mostly heterosexual leanings. 


BODY TYPE: Lithe with decently defined muscles from constant swimming. 


HAIR COLOR: Brownish tinge.

Looking for roleplaying connections. o/ She’s brand new but if you have patience enough to let me find her some kind of footing I’d be exceedingly happy. She’s not a pirate however but is more than willing to do deep sea diving for those willing to pay.

anonymous asked:

bro u like okami??? no one really talks abt it and it makes me sad :( my favorite location is ryoshima coast (the music... the islands... orca) and i love hayabusa too hes a good pupper!!!

yes i love okami!! i’m probably going to get a ps2 or wii again to play it since my old consoles are busted at this point but it’s definitely something that is sooooo much better on wii. i used to get full workouts shaking the sticks around and drawing