Hello everyone, since the original text post received a lot of support, I hereby present you the first ever RyoSaku month! :) 

  • Aug 4 (M) - Aug 10 (Sun): Link
  • Aug 11 (M) - Aug 17 (Sun): Boundary
  • Aug 18 (M) - Aug 24 (Sun): Fallout
  • Aug 25 (M) - Aug 31(Sun):  Knot

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#RyosakuMonth | Link || Highschool AU

First day of Highschool and Ryoma had the biggest shock of his life. Sakuno let goes of her childish twin braid. Yeah, sure, Sakuno out of her usual braids that would be really surprising and then end of the story… but nah. Ryoma hates how everybody turns their head on Sakuno. How dare they stare at her?! How DARE you Sakuno? With that, Ryoma is on a mission to drag Sakuno out of everybody and convince her to go back to her twin tails. Why? Ryoma only knows why.

HAH. Good thing manga creator exist. I know its late for this week but yeah.

anonymous asked:

Hello fyeri! You're such a great writer and I anticipate for your updates everyday (and when I have nothing to do, every hour). And thank you for posting that Ryosaku moment on the ShinPOT! GAAAH! My grandma thought I was possessed when I suddenly ran to my room and jumped and screamed in joy! (T'was a childhood dream come true) So my question is this, since Im so amazed at how you write Ryosaku moments on TCAFS, what are your thoughts about the so called Ponta pair? :)

First of all, you are too sweet. :3 

Also. New PoT Chapter 128. It was all my childhood wishful thinking come true in a 5 page scene.

RyoSaku works in my head, but it has to be a certain way.

The Sakuno in my head has a backbone. She isn’t just a shy, vacant girl with a “R-r-r-r-ryoma-kun” speech impediment. Yes, she has her insecurities and her fears, just like any other human being.

Do y’all remember that scene when Ryoma plays Shinji and get’s that eye injury? Sakuno was pretty firm in stepping onto that court and declaring that Ryoma stop. That’s the kind of Sakuno I like. It shows that she can be pretty damn tough when it comes to things she cares about.

There are some times in the anime where I hate the way Sakuno is portrayed. Her lack of tennis skills become the butt of everyone’s jokes. For crying out loud, her grandmother is a national-champion-winning tennis coach. You’d think that would vouch for something. You’d think.

Granted, I like it when Ryoma teases her about her tennis skills. I think that’s Ryoma showing affection. You see him do the same to Momoshiro, on occasion. And the whole, “Your hair is too long” comment? He clearly just likes to rile her up.

But one of my favorite scenes in the manga is when Sakuno wins third (?) place in that junior women’s tournament. And Ryoma’s all, “Mada mada da ne,” but then he’s like, “Considering it’s you, it’s pretty good.” I love that scene.

And the best part about RyoSaku? Sakuno knows who Ryoma is. She’s not like Tomoka, who idolizes him, or any of his opponents or team members, who define him based on his skill. Sure, Sakuno is amazed by Ryoma, but she sees that he’s a boy. A boy who really likes tennis. A boy who inspired her to play tennis.

And sometimes he can be brusque and brutally honest and blunt, and make her upset, but she’s willing to go with that. Plus, he clearly doesn’t like to see her sad. Remember that scene with the Regular’s jersey, and how he tries it on just for her?

(And sometimes Ryoma has a point. It’s called a GPS, Sakuno. Get one.)

Ryoma is never going to be the kind of guy who will sweep her off her feet with flowers and chocolates and poetry. He’s far too caught up in that aloof attitude of his.

Instead, he will be the kind of guy who will pull her braids affectionately just for an excuse to touch her. He will be the guy who will nap on her lap under cherry blossom trees and refuse to get up, making them both late for class.

And you know what? I think that’s enough for both of them.

                    WEEK 4: KNOT (Aug 27 - Sept 2)

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