Les plus belles œuvres des artisans japonais.

Céramique “Sumida gawa 隅田川” signée  Ryōsai.

Vers la fin du 19ème siècle, à l'époque Meiji jidai 明治時代 (1868-1912), une large production de grès destinés à l'exportation se développe dans la région de Tōkyō 東京. Ces céramiques prennent le nom de Sumida Gawa en référence à la rivière du même nom située dans le district d'Asakusa 浅草.


An alternative universe where Hakuryuu, Kougyoku and Judal are the protagonists of the story.

For a long time I was thinking of a “what if” scenario where the story remains similar (more or less) but the main trio is  Hakuryuu, Kougyoku and Judal. So, I finally decided to outline the story line of that au. Please note, that some arcs are deleted and not every character makes it to this alternative universe. I’m not claiming to be unbiased and that’s why I made my three favourite youths the protagonists. So you can also expect that other fav. characters of mine get a good treatment *Sindriasquad* and that my ships are hinted here *Juhaku/Alikou*

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Magi 30 Day Challenge

I was busy so I couldn’t fill in three days worth of the challenge. Well, I’ll just fill in them now.

Day 2: Favourite female character.


Oh boy, where do I start? She’s my favorite female character because I just love her character.

She’s not overpowered when she is part of a clan that seems overpowered. She’s has both tomboyish tendencies and girlish tendencies which makes her quite human as a girl can be both boyish and girlish at the same time.

Her love for her friends is possibly her strongest point. When she was a slave, the only people she had was an abusive master and another slave who barely talked. When Alibaba and Aladdin appeared in her life, her life changed for the greater good. Her love for her friends is genuine. I like her for that. She’s not some tsundere heroine or a damsel-in-distress, or the main character’s love interest who always needs to be protected.

She’s the type of girl who protects and is protected. She’s always honest about what she does and says. Her traumatizing past doesn’t get in her way. She’s undyingly loyal to her friends.

Even though I like most of the females in Magi, Morgiana is just my top favorite in Magi and she’s also on the top 10 in my favorite female character list.

Day 3: A male character you don’t like.

The guy who beat up Morgianna after the group conquered Zagan’s dungeon. I dislike Ryosai as well, since he thinks lowly of Hakuei. Dude, Hakuei deserves that spot as general more than you do.

Day 4: A female character you don’t like.

Ren Gyokuen. Nothing else to say.