Anybody else love RyoSaku as much as I do. I just wish they had way more moments in the manga/anime. “Dammit Ryoma, why u so oblivious??” hehe ^^


The Prince's Homecoming

Nanjiroh’s eyes twinkled. “Ridiculous, eh? I can’t help it. She’s the only person other than your family that have put up with you for so long.” Then his gaze turned earnest. “Eight years, Chibisuke. For eight years, you’ve come and gone, while she waited.”

Ryoma x Sakuno. Most would have given up; but not Sakuno, she patiently waits.

by syaoran no hime


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I don't know if you support this pairing, but RyomaXSakuno relationship headcanons? Thank you! 💖💖

Honestly I HATE the pairing.^^ But I’ll try it. ;)

Let me know what you guys think about Ryoma x Sakuno pairing!

  • Sakuno wrote Ryoma a love letter, that’s how they ended up going out
  • Once a week Ryoma takes Sakuno on a “tennis-date” and helps her with her form and things like that
  • Sakuno makes a Bento for Ryoma every day, he really likes it and blushes a bit when she hands it to him
  • Ryoma secretly always looks out for her because he knows she’s sometimes a bit clumsy
  • Ryoma often says Sakuno should cut her hair but secretly he wouldn’t want her to actually do it
  • Ryoma often helps Sakuno to study for english tests
  • During their relationship Sakuno stopped stuttering in front of him and Ryoma secretly is proud that he got her to trust him enough to feel comfortable around him
  • They always walk home together (sometimes together with Momo or one of the other regulars)
  • Ryomas dad teases him endlessly when he finds out that both of them are dating and often stalks them when they are on a date