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Ah, thank you for directing me to that. Forgive me for not even thinking to check there. Though I am looking for performances that can be found on YouTube (admittedly partially for convenience) and video quality isn't exactly a concern.

No problem, and since you’ve specified that you were looking specifically for YouTube, I can give a fuller answer, since that’s different than videos uploaded to MEGA accounts and such. I’m sometimes hesitant to link to YouTube videos though, since those accounts can get taken down fairly quickly, so what you might get in a couple of months is a post full of dead links, but here’s a couple that seem to have stayed online for a while:

  • 1988, Tokyo: Masachika Ichimura, Ryoko Nomura, Yuichiro Yamaguchi
  • 1989; Los Angeles: Michael Crawford, Dale Kristien, Steve Barton
  • 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, Canadian Tour and Toronto: Jeff Hyslop/Colm Wilkinson/Peter Karrie/Cris Groenendaal, Teresa DeZarn/Patti Cohenour, Byron Nease/David Rogers (literally all the Canadian highlight videos)
  • 1992/1993, US Tour: Kevin Gray, Dodie Pettit/Teri Bibb, Keith Buterbaugh/Nat Chandler (all three videos!)
  • 1993, Vienna: Alexander Goebel, Luzia Nistler, Thorsten Tinney
  • 1993; Los Angeles: Davis Gaines, Dale Kristien, Michael Piontek
  • 1994, Sapporo: Eiji Akutagawa, Hisako Hanaoka, Masayuki Sano
  • 1993, Scheveningen: Henk Poort, Joke de Kruijf, Peter de Smet
  • 1995, London: Ethan Freeman, Jill Washington, Simon Bowman
  • 2000, London: Scott Davies, Charlotte Page, Matthew Cammelle (not Meredith Braun like I recommended in another post, but close enough)
  • 2001, Hamburg: Ian Jon Bourg, Olivia Safe, Kyle Gonyea
  • 2002, Madrid: Juan Carlos Barona, Julia Moller, Zenon Recalde
  • 2005, Broadway: Tim Martin Gleason, Susan Owen, Stephen Buntrock
  • 2005, Broadway: Hugh Panaro, Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Gleason
  • 2006, London: Earl Carpenter, Rachel Barrell, David Shannon
  • 2006, London: Matthew Cammelle, Rachel Barrell, David Shannon
  • 2006, US Tour: Gary Mauer, Elizabeth Southard, Jim Weitzer
  • 2007, US Tour: John Cudia, Marni Raab, Greg Mills (I prefer Jennifer Hope Wills as Christine, but this video’s quality is better)
  • 2014, Broadway: Norm Lewis, Sierra Boggess, Jeremy Hays
  • 2014, Broadway: Norm Lewis, Kaley Ann Voorhees, Jeremy Hays (only Act 2)
  • 2014, Hamburg: David Arnsperger, Valerie Link, Nicky Wuchinger
The Phantom of the Opera -  Live recordings - YouTube
1988-2015 Videos

Alright, so you know all of those Phantom videos I posted?

Well, to make things easier I have collected all of the ones that have been uploaded and put them in this playlist for all to enjoy! 25 videos compiling 31 videos total of the show :)

Features videos of performances from all around the world, London, Holland, Japan, Broadway, Hamburg; and such legendary Phantoms like:

Earl Carpenter, Ethan Freeman, Hugh Panaro, Brad Little, and more!

Hope you guys enjoy ;)

Information on included videos below:

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Favourite Meg and Christine photos, as requested by notgoodnotnicejustright

1. Robyn North and Lindsey Wise, West End. 
2. Joke de Kruijf and Natasha Knight, Scheveningen. 
3. Leila Benn Harris and Lindsey Wise, West End. 
4. Sierra Boggess and Daisy Maywood, RAH concert. 
5. Unknown, Japan. 
6. Samantha Hill and Kara Klein, Broadway. 
7. Robin Botha and Cat Lane, South Africa. 
8. Celia Graham and Hayley Driscoll, West End. 
9. Ryoko Nomura and ?, Tokyo. 


Happy April Fool’s Day! In honor of this day, have some funnies in this bunch of Favorite Phantom Flubs:

  1. Masachika Ichimura (Phantom) and Ryoko Nomura (Christine) “walk on water” when the gondola breaks down in ‘Down Once More’
  2. The lasso breaks in the ‘Final Lair’ and Keith Buterbaugh (Raoul) reacts by falling down
  3. The light meant to illuminate Davis Gaines (Phantom) fails to turn on in ‘The Mirror’, leaving Marie Danvers (Christine) to sing to her own reflection
  4. Instead of appearing at the top of the staircase, Steve Lucas (Phantom) walks through the crowd of ‘Masquerade’ dancers to get to his spot
  5. Peter Lockyer (Phantom) strips down to his vest in the title song
  6. Elizabeth Southard (Christine) encounters some difficulties taking off Gary Mauer’s (Phantom) hood in ‘Point of No Return’
  7. Heather MacFadden (Meg) takes over Buquet’s role in ‘Magical Lasso’ when the latter failed to appear
  8. Peter Jorde’s (Phantom) mask goes flying off when he is unhooded in ‘Point of No Return’

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could you please recommend christines with darker, richer voices?

There are several. My favourites right now includes: 

*Elisabeth Berg. She has this dark undertones, giving her a rich sound despite being a fairly light soprano in opera land. She does one of the nicest WYWSHAs I’ve heard in a recording

*Claire Moore. A darker timbre combined with a perfect phrasing with the cutest lisp makes her rather memorable. I love her 1993 studio cast version of Think of Me

*Teresia Bokor. Wonderfully operatic on the high notes, with a rich and full sound to her middle register. Random choice to feature her is this WYWSHA from 2009

*Dodie Pettit. Like Teresia, rich and full operatic voice, though not exactly in-your-face dark. Just a nice fullness to it. Here’s a highlight video with Kevin Gray as the Phantom

*Most of the Japanese Christines, especially Ryoko Nomura, Kyoko Suzuki and Rumi Iryo (the three cast album Christines). But in general they tend to have darker timbre and flattened out vibrato. 


Anonymous requested –> “Let your soul take you where you long to be!” Christine reaction gifset

(aka longest title ever)

From “Take me now, my body is ready” to “Oh I’m sorry, were you singing, I didn’t notice”, here are a variety of Christine reactions to the above line.

1. Ana Marina, World Tour, 2. Ryoko Nomura, Tokyo, 3. Beatrix Reiterer, Essen, 4. Meredith Braun, London, 5. Gina Beck, London, 6. Colleen Besett, Vienna, 7. Olivia Brereton, restaged UK tour, 8. Trista Moldovan, Broadway, 9. Anna O'Byrne, London


Think Of Me - Ryoko Nomura(Japan) 


“Hannibal” dance sequence, Japan. 

I’ve always loved that the Japanese Christines does the whole dance routine. Not only does it establish Christine as a skilled pointe dancer, but it also give the formations more “oomph”. I can see why it was cut everywhere else - a sympathetic move towards all the wonderful sopranos with medium dance skills - but I’m fascinated when I see the scene performed in its original version.