~眠らぬ街のシンデレラ ☆ Seduced in the Sleepless City!~

Here are the CGs for Yuzuki in the Sequel プロポース編 (Propose Edition) from the JP version of Seduced in the Sleepless City.

Enjoy! (☆^ー^☆)


Favorite Voltage Character: “(Seduced in the Sleepless City)”’s

 Ryoichi Hirose 

After playing most of the Voltage games, and going through most of the characters (OH DEAR GOD MY POOR WALLET T^T) I can safely say that he is above all my favorite. ; u; I just….dwandzbdjkabdwkzda the way he is such a tease and a jerk and just a pervert and it’s my favorite type of guy. >_>;; 

I will be replaying his story and epilogue over and over for awhile.



Personalities of SITSC Characters

Yuzuki – Whiny little shit sometimes momma’s boy

Ryoichi – Super sadist romance writer MC likes the kink though

Noel – Long lost fraternal twin of Ren Shibasaki

Chihaya – Apparently sexy enough to have a yandere stalker

Mirai – Giggles like a little bitch I still have a lady boner for him though

Satsuki – Gentleman by day, sexy beast by night not that I’m complaining

Chief Jinnai – Best boss ever also looks fucking adorable when he blushes

Fuko – You little bitch stay away from my Mirai besides that though, she’s a pretty chill roomie


Imagine Ryoichi calling you and said he was coming over to pick up a document. Confused, you wonder which document he was talking about. After you put down the phone, your apartment door opened, and you see Ryoichi standing there. “How did you..” “Who cares?” he interrupted you, and pushes you against the wall and kisses you.

Memories [Ryoichi x Reader]

Written for duchessmimrose’s 2014 January Fanfiction Challenge.

Prompt: "If I ever forget, I’ll simply just fall in love with you again.“ 
Summary: The prospect of amnesia is a terrifying thing. And you don’t think you could take it if Ryoichi stopped loving you…


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[Voltage Inc Fanfic] [Mirai,Ryoichi,Chihaya,Yuzuki,Noel,Satsuki - SITSC] Charm to Our Dancing Steps, SITSC version

- Charm to Our Dancing Steps: SITSC version - 

Soooooo…Any of you remember the two questions I posted? Lol. 

Yes, 1st is this and then it’s this

I didn’t expect the responses were so…quick. Lol. @_@; It makes me so giggly and happy but at the same time XD I mean, omg I’m so sorry if any of you experience blood loss from almost dying in embarassment wait i’m not sorry actually ;D

So here’s the first project of the ‘Charm to Our Dancing Steps’ series LOL. Yes, it’s….uhh made into a series. I suppose. Or just stick with the SITSC version @_@ Cause I’m not sure how lame this is that it can complement for a continuation for another series ;w; 

There’s no smut happening here BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT sexy times does happen in here. 

What more @_@ It involves mainly Mirai and Ryoichi [Two sexy sadists for this one omg why..what’s wrong with me..] I have to admit Mirai is more involved in this because I feel a Mirai bias creeping in me ;_; I’m just…hesitating to surrender to the temptation just yet *heavy breathing* 


-Contains sexy stuff happening 

-Contains sexy stuff happening between many…uhh, well not many but about just 3-4 men only =w=; 

-Forgive my lame writing and my lame details on properly illustrating the sexy moves and bleh bleh blah ;w; 

-Mirai is more forward in this 

-Ryoichi is a sadistic competitor 

-Yuzuki is just a sexy bastard 

-Chihaya’s ‘Devouring you with my eyes’ 

- Don’t ask me about Noel and Satsuki dear god please don’t

-I tried my best ;w; If this one even works or it makes any of you happy to read, please don’t kill me for excessive nose bleeding [If it makes you feel better, I had a somewhat harder time to write this because 1. my writing is bleh and 2. everyone’s being sexy 3. I feel sexy when I write them being sexy 4. The song I’m listening to is more sexy to flow with this] 

-It’s a bit…long. Pretty lengthy @_@ So I’m sorry if it bores you half way ><; But yeah >< I have to admit I got a tad carried away too [And that damn song]

-The italicized lines are the translated English lyric to the song I’m listening to 

-If you want to know what inspired this and how and what song…Not telling :D It’s actually Pomp & Circumstance Shoose version /dies

-If you guys like this one and interested with other series [I’m thinking more on LLFTX, MFW and BMP (why am I loling lol), do let me know ^^; 

-Want to have a drabble/short fic of only ONE of the favorite guys strip dancing and lead to *ahem* smut? :D Huehuehue! Already there XD [Guess who’s the first character lol]

- If you are…well prepared despite the warnings and wanna continue, then enjoy below the cut! Reviews, comments, opinions are all welcome! [Even if you wanna send me a rage mail like ‘OMG WHY IS THIS NOT SEXY ENOUGH’ or any of the sort, welcome too lol] 


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A Novel Idea?

Author’s Note: I think we’re all a little bit in love with Ryoichi…right?

Smoke billowed out around him from his much-needed cigarette, as he planted himself down onto his couch.

He didn’t get writer’s block often, but when he did…it was the worst kind. And thinking back, he realised he hadn’t had it since…before she came into his life.

Once just ‘that reporter girl from Cinderella’, now the closest woman in his life. A woman he actually loved.

Loved to tease.

But love, all the same…he thought as he took another drag on his cigarette. He could almost hear her chiding him for smoking, it was something she’d never managed to accept about him.

“Ahhh…” he sighed, scratching his head with his free hand, flicking the ash of his cigarette into the ashtray nearby. “Don’t tell me she’s the reason…what a nuisance of a woman.”

She’d been sent away on a business trip to report on the making of some film Yuzuki was starring in, and before that she’d had deadlines to meet…so they hadn’t managed to spend much time together at all of late. It made Ryoichi’s skin crawl slightly to think that she’d be able to affect him this much. He was accustomed to being the one under her skin, not the other way around.

A vibrating sound interrupted his inner grumbling, and he saw his mobile phone shaking its way across the coffee table. Glancing at the display, he saw it was a video call. From her.

A huge smirk appeared instantly on his face, and he couldn’t help but come up with a scheme to surprise - and hopefully tease - her. Slipping out of the top of his jinbei, he sat half-naked upon the couch, before quickly answering her call, removing his glasses and raking back his hair in a sultry manner, he answered.


Her face appeared on the screen, a cheerful smile quickly changing to a look of shock…then a blush crept up her cheeks steadily and she began to stammer.

“R…Ryoichi! Are you naked?!”

He knew she couldn’t tell that he was still wearing the shorts, the camera didn’t show that much…so as far as she knew, he was entirely in his birthday suit. He winked at her and she looked panicked.

“What, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before…” he crooned, grinning as she began to look more and more uncomfortable.

“I…I know, but um…this time is different!” she said, before her face disappeared, replaced suddenly by another face.

“Ugh, man! Save that stuff for the bedroom would you?!”

It was Yuzuki, red-faced and shaking his head. Ryoichi almost felt embarrassed. Almost. But pride won out over his embarrassment and he taunted Yuzuki instead.

“Jealous, Yuzuki? That she and I have this kind of trusting, passionate romance?”

Her voice rang out shrilly in the background; “We do not! We don’t do weird stuff like that!” Yuzuki just looked disgusted.

Hah, got her. Her protests are only making it sound like she has something to hide…he grinned, and suddenly Yuzuki’s face was gone, he could hear him muttering as he handed it back to her. Something about dirty old perverts.

“Ryoichi, I’m hanging up now. Put some clothes on okay?” she chided, before looking around her and whispering; “For now anyway. I’ll call you later?”

His response was simply another sly smile, and a nod - and she hung up, her cheeks still clearly flushed with a combo of anger and embarrassment.

He stood up, re-clothing his upper half and sauntering back into his study…the writer’s block gone, replaced with thoughts of her.

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