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~眠らぬ街のシンデレラ ☆ Seduced in the Sleepless City Special Stories!~

Special Story #20

Here are the CGs from the special story 私たちが出会った場所 (Where We Met) from the JP version of Seduced in the Sleepless City.

Enjoy! (☆^ー^☆)

[Voltage Inc Fanfic] [Christmas Presents - Smut Fics Giveaway] [Ryoichi Hirose, SITSC] Wrapped in Euphoria [M]

RIIIIIIIGHT. LOL RYOICHI HIROSE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good god I’ve been laughing for I dunno how long already

This is a Christmas present smut fanfic for….Rin! Rin009!

I’ve been teasing her too much on the other smut pieces so I hope this treat would be grand for her XD To be honest, I struggled writing this one because I was worried about the countdown for Christmas and the other pending queue of smut fics to write left…and I had to write this one without music so it was ;___; I couldn’t focus as much because family obligations, more Christmas preps, last minute announced errands to do so it was..bleh. *cries* 

After Ryoichi’s, it’s Satoru’s turn so that ends with the list of characters with only one vote on the queue and then I’ll move on to…..8D kay, won’t tell you guys! But I so really promise I’ll get all this done at least on Christmas or on Christmas Eve in my timezone! ;___; Please bear with me and thank you again for the continuous support! 

I dunno if this Ryoichi smut piece is a little well written than the rest I wrote or…meh ;_; but I’m really sorry if it’s badly written ;__; Will do better next time! Yes lol it seems I’ll have other Ryoichi smut fics coming along the way and a little surprise for Chia in this context as well..

Okay! On to warnings: 

- This is a smut fic so it’s pretty heavy on MATURE CONTENT. Yes, it has sex. Lots of it. Dirty and sweaty. So please be warned. 

- Plenty of wtf this wtf that ;__; (<— this warning is going to be applied into a LOT of smut fics from here on) 

-Heavy amount of errors here and there. But will correct time to time >< I just really don’t want to have you and any other readers who read this to wait too long) 

-And to add, I hope you all are not getting bored with the smut fics spamming on my blog ;___; I’ve been also feeling a bit worried that it may get boring/repetitve if for this certain duration before Christmas, all the fics I’m gonna write about is just…smut. lol >< So I hope it’s not getting boring but I’ll try my best to make the rest interesting and more personalized for individual Christmas smut fics gifts for some of you! After all this smut fever, I’ll probably write some fluff and angst XD muehehe

Feedback, comments, reviews and anything are all welcome!

Ready to read? Enjoy after the cut! 

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Personalities of SITSC Characters

Yuzuki – Whiny little shit sometimes momma’s boy

Ryoichi – Super sadist romance writer MC likes the kink though

Noel – Long lost fraternal twin of Ren Shibasaki

Chihaya – Apparently sexy enough to have a yandere stalker

Mirai – Giggles like a little bitch I still have a lady boner for him though

Satsuki – Gentleman by day, sexy beast by night not that I’m complaining

Chief Jinnai – Best boss ever also looks fucking adorable when he blushes

Fuko – You little bitch stay away from my Mirai besides that though, she’s a pretty chill roomie


Imagine Ryoichi calling you and said he was coming over to pick up a document. Confused, you wonder which document he was talking about. After you put down the phone, your apartment door opened, and you see Ryoichi standing there. “How did you..” “Who cares?” he interrupted you, and pushes you against the wall and kisses you.

[Voltage Inc Fanfic] [M] [Ryoichi Hirose, SITSC] Locomotion - Ryoichi version

Note: It’s…2:38AM now =w=; wow, been working on this since 11pm so I JUST finished this. lawl. I can tell you even though I didn’t go through any nosebleeding moments because getting into Ryoichi’s head sort of makes me a sadist it seems just makes me enjoy it…a lot. Lol. Okay I’m sorry @_@ I’m just so sleepy right now but I got too stubborn so I really wanted to finish this up..there might be a lot of mess with typos, errors bleh bleh here there so I’ll edit time to time to clean it up…but other than that I hope this is still an enjoyable read. 

You guys have NOOOOOOO IDEAAAAA how much my mind tortured me just imagining all the dance moves, the sways, the hip thrusts and all that illustration of plenty self-touching and to write it all down ;_; the song’s driving me nuts but it’s gonna take a while to get it out of my system. 

On an extra note; this fic is also dedicated to chiapeto, rin009 (you’re both so adorable with your Ryoichi feels hehehe)and otomequeen (although I know you rather have Riki strip dance for you so that’s in working list hehe XD but thanks for the support :3) ( XDplus…all Ryoichi fans in general XD 

Edit: I also wanna dedicate this to and thank xetijelut because she introduced to a lot of these songs (oh you knoooow what im talking about gurrll XD) and then there was that various shares of levi smex and then she was like ‘now you can add many imaginaries of self-touchy moments’ XD  thanks a lot now the songs are stuck in my head and let’s not forget Levi’s cray cray sexiness

Alright, usual warnings/notes

This fic contains sexual content. Please be warned about this.

- I’m not fully responsible to possible nose-bleeding moments :D Or rather, I am but ;D 

-Ryoichi’s a bloody sexy mofo 


-Forgive me for writing flaws contained in this fic >w<; I’ll get better I promise ;w; but more importantly, please forgive me for this one cause I'm so dead sleepy that right now I almost mistaken Joshua CG for Ryoichi CG my mind’s pretty hazy right now @_@ I think if it’s not cause I survive through this smut writing, is mostly just surviving through the lack of sleeping hours…huehuehue

-I didn’t put any lyrics in here this time so…listen to whatever song you want to imagine Ryoichi’s strip dancing for you MC

-If you’re really ready to go ahead and read at your own risk, enjoy the rest after the cut :3 Feedback, opinions, anything is welcome 

Sleep. I need ;w; Sorry all~ Please enjoy!


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Favorite Voltage Character: “(Seduced in the Sleepless City)”’s

 Ryoichi Hirose 

After playing most of the Voltage games, and going through most of the characters (OH DEAR GOD MY POOR WALLET T^T) I can safely say that he is above all my favorite. ; u; I just….dwandzbdjkabdwkzda the way he is such a tease and a jerk and just a pervert and it’s my favorite type of guy. >_>;; 

I will be replaying his story and epilogue over and over for awhile.




Imagine going home late at night, and entering your apartment. You go to your bedroom and it’s dark. Once you turn on the lights, there you see Ryoichi laying on the bed waiting for you, shirtless. As you stare at him, he lifts a can of whipped cream and sprays some on his chest, all the while looking at you with seductive eyes.


……….Nobody won in the end :D BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And I can’t help it XD an idea came to me and thought ‘Omg what if Ryoichi fits in here!’ So taadaaa! 

P/S: Chiapeto was the first to say she was looking forward for a continuation and then followed by other peeps inbox me for a continuation so…here it is! ^^; Sorry if it’s senselessly random and ummm…yeah XD I just had to add in Ryoichi for the heck of it LOL! >< Sorry if it’s lame but…yeh, but in a slump for a while so I’m getting my gears running :'3 Enjoy!