ryoan ji


Miscellaneous photos of Kyoto :)

Today I met up with a Friend from Nara and somehow we ended up talking a lot about Kyoto :D

The above photos didn’t fit some others photos but were too nice to leave them unpublished so I decided to publish them today :D

The first one is the super famous Kinkaku-Ji which is a bit too kitschy for 
me (^-^;)
I prefer Ginkaku-Ji which looks so much more refined and calm :3
Still it does look nice and is impressive in its surroundings :)

Next is another famous place in Kyoto which is the stone garden in Ryoan-Ji :)
I liked this place a lot although I much prefer places that are not overrun by tourists :D Still it has a calm and relaxing atmosphere that did make me want to sit down and take in the view of the stone garden as well as the details of the building itself and the surrounding nature :3

I like Kyoto :3
It is a very nice place to take a stroll in the evening and explore the various neighbourhoods while enjoying the different lights illuminating the buildings and plants as well as the different subtle smells of the city :3
For me the quiet streets that are a few steps back from the main streets were the nicest :3
They had many nice stores and houses to show which were calm and the staff was always very relaxed and friendly (except for the time I put my foot into a store after hours because I didn’t notice the tiny sign saying it was closed and because they didn’t lock the door (^-^;) but I didn’t mind that I would react the same if a stranger entered my store when I closed it….

I like to daydream and dream of going back to Japan again a lot (o^-^o)

Last week was nice and I got some work done but finished nothing (^-^;)
Sorry for that :|
I’m working on a Kintsugi project :) <=you can see the progress on my Instagram ;)
I started restoring some old chisels too :D
I decided to make Kintsugi because the German customs office damaged a Mizusashi I bought online and I liked it too much to throw out the shards so I decided to start making Kintsugi :)
This is my first attempt and it is a lot of work… So until I’m done with it I’m anxious it won’t work out (^-^;) but to be honest I think this cautious approach is what makes my stuff work out most of the time :)
I took some nice photos of the process though :3
I think I could be finished in about a week :D

I wish everyone a great new week with sweet dreams and the feeling of progress on things you are working on (^-^)/

The eye is the organ of distance and separation, whereas touch is the sense of nearness, intimacy and affection. The eye surveys, controls and investigates, whereas touch approaches and caresses. During overpowering emotional experiences, we tend to close off the distancing sense of vision; we close the eyes when dreaming, listening to music, or caressing our beloved ones. Deep shadows and darkness are essential, because they dim the sharpness of vision, make depth and distance ambiguous, and invite unconscious peripheral vision and tactile fantasy.
How much more mysterious and inviting is the street of an old town with its alternating realms of darkness and light than are the brightly and evenly lit streets of today! The imagination and daydreaming are stimulated by dim light and shadow. In order to think clearly, the sharpness of vision has to be suppressed, for thoughts travel with an absent-minded and unfocused gaze. Homogenous bright light paralyses the imagination in the same way that homogenisation of space weakens the experience of being, and wipes away the sense of place. The human eye is most perfectly tuned for twilight rather than bright daylight.
Mist and twilight awaken the imagination by making visual images unclear and ambiguous; a Chinese painting of a foggy mountain landscape, or the raked sand garden of Ryoan-ji Zen Garden give rise to an unfocused way of looking, evoking a trance-like, meditative state.
—  Juhani Pallasmaa, The Eyes of the Skin

2015-11-06 Japon 121 by Caroline et Louis VOLANT