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The announcement is finally here!
25 handsome-tachi will be performing at “HANDSOME FESTIVAL 2016”!
We have some new faces for this year!

HANDSOME FESTIVAL 2016 (previously known as SHL / Super Handsome Live)
Date: December 17-18, 2016
- Aoyagi Ruito / Uehara Takuya / Kamiki Ryunosuke / Sakurada Dori / Totani Kimito / Hirama Soichi / Matsushima Shota / Mizuta Kouki / Watanabe Shu / Yoshimura Takuya / Koseki Yuta / Yoshizawa Ryo / Matsuoka Koudai / CROSS GENE (SANGMIN & SEYOUNG) / DearDream (Ishihara Souma, Mizoguchi Takuya, Tomita Kentaro, Oota Masaki, Masaki Kaoru) / Ito Naoto / Ishiga Kazuki / Kaneko Daichi / Kai Shouma / KYOHOU


About the new faces:
- DearDream is the brand new 2.5D idol. Mizoguchi Takuya have participated on last SHL, Ishihara Souma and Masaki Oota also came as guest along with Gekidan Prestage.
Ito Naoto is Yoshimura Takuya’s partner on Imura Factory
- Ishiga Kazuki previously appeared on CLOCK ZERO stage play and 24hr TV ‘Okaasan, ore wa daijoubu’. His upcoming work is Roshutsukurū stage! He performed street live few times, his voice is really good!
- Kaneko Daichi previously appeared on movie ‘Jinrou Game: Prison Break’ and 24hr TV 'Okaasan, ore wa daijoubu’. Together with Nomura Shuhei, he’s one of the seiyuu in anime 'Taifu no Noruda’
- Kai Shouma is newly debuted. His first public appearance is on Koseki Yuta’s last birthday event. Now he stars in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!
- KYOHOU was previously active in China’s drama and movie, he’s good at singing and dancing!

P.S: Because there are some new faces that some of you probably haven’t seen before, we put the name of each person so you can easily remember them.

Shenmue III's latest Kickstarter update shows new footage from the dev room

#Shenmue III’s latest #Kickstarter update shows new footage from the dev room. QTEs !

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With each passing month, we’re getting closer and closer to the release of Shenmue III. For this month’s Kickstarter update, we are given a look at the current progress in the dev room. In the video, we get to see some of the footage of Ryo recreating the jumping rock scene in Shenmue II, as well as a new scene where Hazuki has to dodge falling boulders. Check out the footage above and let us…

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Josuke Higashikata, Jotaro Kujo, and Rohan Kishibe strike their poses in Newtype Magazine’s (Amazon US | Japan) August poster for the Diamond is Unbreakable series, illustrated by key animator Ryo Yamauchi (山内遼).