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Top 5ish U.S. Open Pairings in Layman's Terms.
  • T-5: Ryo Ishikawa, Anthony Kim, and YE Yang (The cool asians from mean girls. Ryo is the japanese rickie fowler, AK is like the hot IT guy from work, and YE Yang is YE Yang, dude). 
  • T-5: Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter, Hunter Mahan (affectionately referred to by myself as ‘the fashion club’, everyone in this pairing wears ridiculous things when they play golf. my bet is they coordinate their outfits on thursday.)  
  • T-5: Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, & Martin Kaymer (my dad would rank this as #1 because he has a huge and inappopriate man crush on Martin Kaymer. All of these guys are great at golf but don’t do much for me in terms of entertainment.)
  • 4: Bubba Watson, Adam Scott & Robert Karlsson (Rickie Fowler’s bff, a hot australian guy with a lame putter that used to date kate hudson, and a guy with two esses in his last name) 
  • 3: Graeme MacDowell, Peter Uihlein, & Louis Ousthiezen (a group of people with commonly misspelled names that also happen to be very good at golf.)
  • 2: Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson & Phil Mickelson (This has to be a PR Dream for the open. Two of the most down to earth and well-liked players in one pairing…plus Dustin Johnson who is just like a normal guy, you know.)
  • 1: Franceso & Edoardo Molinari & Matteo Manasserro (Italian people playing golf that should say enough, but if it doesn’t… Anytime there are more than two italian people in one place it is a recipe for the highest of comedy add to that a pinch of family and i expect to be in fucking stitches. This is also the only pairing my mother will pay attention to when my dad and I are skyping. Why you ask? Because if I’m going to marry a professional athlete, it better well be an italian.)
MAH DREAMS!1one! lmao.

Ryo Ishikawa is a professional golfer from Japan  (Sendai, actually. One of the places that was hardest hit by the earthquake/tsunami.) They did a small interview/cover about him, and how he will be donating any winning money he gets from the upcoming golf tournament to the Japan relief. :’)

Me: Good! How sweet! Ohh, and he’s cute too!
Mom: Let me see…Ohh, he IS cute!

Dad: - __ -;; Anywayyy. He’s a good golfer–
Me and Mom: -/not caring-
Dad: –and he’s only 19!
Mom: Ohh. He’s too young for you, Cali.
Me: DDD:


edit; here’s a link to an article about donating his earnings to Japan.