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blog 3/25 - Hot springs ♨︎

Good evening.

Practice for Hana Gubijin has ended and it’s going to the theatre.

It’s a very united group. Everyone is desperately doing their best to make the production good, and it’ll become a wonderful production due to that for sure. There’s no doubt about it. I want you to see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears.
Please treat me well in Tokyo from the 26th to the 31st.

After the last day of practice I went to the bathhouse with Kou-chan and Ryo.
A traditional bathhouse with a picture of Mt. Fuji, a bathhouse that gives off the kind of feeling that it’s THE bathhouse. I was asked to go there, and I answered with the full intention to really go there. Deep down I was nervous. Since I’m the type who isn’t good at taking a bath together with other people, LOL.
I did it for the first time. Everyone probably already figured as much, but Ryo was chattering constantly even while stark naked. When Kou-chan saw that, he laughed while stark naked. I was feeling nervous, but kept my facial expression unbothered while stark naked. That kind of feeling.
Three people who drained the stress that piled up due to practice together. At the same time the feeling of dread was washed away. I was affected by the atmosphere. I now started liking it. I want to go there again. Talking about a production while being submerged in a hot bath (you can imagine something like a male version of girls talking about whether their chest is big or not, LOL)
It’s a mysterious place where you can talk about anything. You can be there by yourself too sometimes.
It’s a nice place.
The way back home after that moment was nice too.
I felt warm and fluffy.

I’ll do my best at the performances.

Although I actually was trying to take a photo with the three of us with Mt. Fuji in the background, I couldn’t take it since there were too many people, LOL
I hope I can take that photo one day, LOL

CFR Crossfire is DONE

Hey you guuuys (@mysillylittlesoapbox, @jumpybox, @fluffymrsdepp), The final chapter of Crossfire is up at Fanfiction.net. AO3 seems to be having Issues with loading, but it should be there shortly.

*sits down on floor*

So, anyway, this was a super awesome, unexpected, wild, kickass writing task that tested me. I forgot I could even write the 2003 turtles. I forgot I always wanted to write 2003 Mikey the way he wasn’t, with darkness in his head and shadows in his heart, with is brothers stunned into rallying around him when everything collapsed. Ryo-chan Wolfgirl’s unique request helped me realize it (”I’d like to see a crossover between 2012 and 2003 where 2003 Mikey gets 2012 Mikey’s powers!”). Lots of knuckle cracking and plotting and outlining happened. Some things didn’t go in the direction she had expected. But she loved every second of it anyway. And then she kindly asked if she could write her own version. A fanfic of my fanfic. Borrowing my characters, their abilities, their circumstances.
High praise, indeed.
I’m helping her begin.
For now, I preen at my accomplishment, which has taught me things. I’m glad for it. Unexpected paths are beautiful. Stories that grab you by the brain and yank you down twisting paths are the best. All I can do is hope I did well by the readers. Thanks for sticking with me.

Onward, writerbrain, to other series and other fics! “Mikey The Lifegiver” and “The Sunshine Child” and “Cold Fire Rising: Mind Games” are waiting.


Haru: Uwah! Amazing

Mom: Well, the last time we were all together was at New Year. You are fine with cocoa, Haru-chan? 

Ryo: She’s been preparing food since last night

Mom: Ryo-chan’s university is decided too. Let me do at least this much

Haru: Where’s dad? 

Ryo: He went to Shoumaru for gyoza

Haru: They still have it?

Mom: You’re saying this, but you two will eat it up, right?