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logos for schoolwork…. that’s also stealth mchanzo, let’s be real

my project is basically to produce a LOT of restaurant graphics/material, for two imaginary restaurants and i’ve been having bad motivation for schoolwork lately so in order to make myself invested in this project I made it an AU in my head. It’s working pretty alright :b

Jesse’s is a Mexican American steakhouse, started by Gabe who renamed it after Jesse when he was born/adopted, couple o decades later Jesse decides to take the helm as head chef :b family resto with a lot of history and the tenderest steaks around.

But then the Shimada brothers open up shop, like, across the street, boasting the richest spiciest ramen. New kids on the block, first ever venture, but it makes it big. And though their main target crowds are different, well, all those rave reviews make Jesse nervous :b so he gets curious about head chef Hanzo Shimada.

(genji won out on making the logo dragon green, though, but hehe most of the resto colors are blue)

tl;dr they do the thing where they sneak into the others restos and spy and scope out their techniques and flavors, rivals to lovers, u can imagine the rest, heck yeah

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Ryo was often teased as a child and branded a fake and a poser because of the color of his eyes and the beauty marks under them. Even though he knows it’s stupid, he hates showing his face outside or meeting new people if it’s not necessary. His three friends usually tease him by taking pictures and showering him in compliments, however.

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