ryo pls

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“……..You didn’t even answer the question to the extreme…!” Ryohei does what he wants.

         }} ♞ —— ;;> 
                  “There is no possible way to answer that question, you idiot. I just said you’re the only one who ever calls me that and it’s just cause the shape of my hair." 

i literally didn’t know supercell was one person until now

like yeah it has 11 members or something but none of them are actual musicians they’re all artists and illustrators except for ryo

what the heck i didn’t know he wrote all the music

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Imagine your girlfriend tied up and in just underwear, waiting for you in your bed when you come home one evening.

Wait….is she ok tho? Should I be worried? I mean if this isn’t a hostage situation I would be fine with it but if not….

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BUT IM A GIRL I DONT HAVE A DICK *whispers but ill buy a fake one and you better watch out gdi bc ill be comin' 4 u quite literally (HE LP MAKE ME ST Op)

[ You don’t have a dick?….Then who was I on videocall with all those times on skype? DONT LIE TO ME RYO. YOU HAVE A DICK. Ohoho~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ WTF DOES GDI MEAN. I RARELY USE TEXT SPEAK ]

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i will give you all the sass i want because dammit this is the blog i intended to be on and you cant tell me otherwise so there

[ mmm fine, sass me.
And actually, I can tell you otherwise. I can still type and speak. Though of course that doesn’t me you’ll believe me, but with that aside, I can tell you otherwise. ψ(`∇´)ψ ]