Vocaloid videos are getting blocked by Youtube in the US thanks to their upcoming Youtube Red Subscription service, yes you heard me, a subscription service that you pay money to Google every month. Any video that contains content from the likes of U/M/M/A (Deco*27, Sasakure UK), Sony Music Japan(Ryo/Supercell), Exit Tunes, Being inc, and possibly more are blocked because they’re most likely didn’t signed this stupid deal that if they don’t agree with the YT Red’s TOS, their videos are hidden from the country that has Youtube Red, the US for example until they agree. Youtube has really gone too far for us, and this is a new low for them. If you really desperate to see the blocked videos, all I can say is to go proxy. As of right now, we will not share any Youtube videos until Google comes to their senses and realize that Youtube Red is a very stupid idea! Youtube was meant to be free!

More info on the situation:…/21/an-offer-creators-cant-refuse/

Also, we’re shutting down our Youtube account because screw Youtube!