Here it is! The cosplay that won first place in the master’s division at Nan Desu Kan 2014, the biggest anime convention to take place in Colorado! I’m extremely happy and proud of how this cosplay turned out! It’s a great feeling!

This is Bao Sanniang, character from the game Dynasty Warriors 8.

I’m currently trying to compile a mega post of all the WIP photos I took of this so watch out for those! They’re coming soon.

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Photos taken by Torre at WeNeal’s

Serah Farron Bowblade Progress

Sorry for the inactivity. I’m back on to help you guys out!!

As some of you already know, I’m in the process of creating a Serah Farron cosplay for a convention that is in two weeks. I will be entering her in the Master’s category in the cosplay contest along with my best friend, who is making Lightning. I’m about halfway done with the whole outfit, so here’s some progress on the bowblade I’m currently making! And yes, it does move!

<Cosplay progress by Rynoki>

Serah Farron Bowblade Progress #3

This isn’t really a “progress” photo set anymore.. because it’s all done! :D

Check it out!

So yeah! It does open/close like I’d wanted it to. I’d like to thank everyone for their support and advice on making it. It turned out great and I love it! A lot!


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Here are my four full body shots of the cosplays I wore to Animeland Wasabi 2014 two weeks ago. Serah Farron (the third outfit) took second in the master’s category. I wouldn’t have gotten that far without your guys’ support! So thank you very much!