time to do this right! here’s my bnha self-insert! everyone calls her “beans” because who doesn’t love cat paws?

(she’s in gen ed because she hates using her quirk - she doesn’t wanna hurt anyone, she just wants to help people ;^;)


i just got back from seeing thor 2 for the second time, and the more i stared at malekith, the more i craved some kind of pendant that i could wear 24/7 as a symbol of my undying love for him.  as for it’s purpose, i’m not sure if it’s the dark elf crest or just a symbol of his rank, but it’s right there on his chest and it’s pretty.

see?  pretty.

this is made of sculpey black polymer clay with brushed on metallic silver eyeshadow.  i added a red glass faceted stone in the center to represent the aether, and the texture is a homage to his gorgeous scarring.  i may replace the chain with something more relevant (beading and braiding, perhaps?) in the future, but for now i’m very pleased with the outcome of this.