❂ Dianafae’s follow forever ☪

Hey folks! So I recently achieved 800 followers (yay!) so I’m doing a follow forever bc I’ve only been here for some months now and I just really appreciate all of the incredible and wonderful people I got to meet here. 

I follow SO MANY amazing blogs so it was pretty hard to keep this list short (i failed).

90377, -transparents, 4chansey

A - E
acidbutterflies, alyxandertheawesome, ancient-wanderer, arctic–foxes, awevocado, backtovintage, beast-blood, belize–breeze, bertibottsbeans, blueskies-98, bohemianistic, burning-soul, captivesouls, carmennab, caulifl0wer, celtic-forest-faerie, clawfuzz, coastaldragon, coexpress, cosmicflowerdragon, cosmos-kin, coxhst, creatures-alive, crystalisinq, daisigh, dandycatkid, deadmenofficial, deeeerkin, deer-ful-photography, divine-dragon, divine-dragon, eartheld, earthfaiiry, earthlyspirit, elffkin, elvenrealm, euphoricxdream, excusemewhoami, expressions-of-nature 

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f0xkin, fae-femmeboy, fae-or-foe, faeralyn, faerieforests, faeriefreckles, faerybites, fairybluebirds, faunsforest, faeihry, fearelidhu, feather-haired, flowury, fluffandclaws, forestferncreations, forestsandfoxes, fr-agility, frail-eternity, freckledfaeries, frolicingintheforestgrassdoll, green–fae, halahi, hellboundwitch, isawatree, just–space, kageyamx, kin-record, kingofstranglers, kintyped, kittygryph, l-apathie, lazy-catkin, littlefairybun, littlegayfae, lobo-de-luna

M - P
man-and-camera, manateea, mayasandradee, melepeta, messysouls, mikoshib4, missyfaeriemist, mistmoth, moonsearching, morethanphotography, mr-dreamscape, mystic-revelations, n-c-xn-efertiti, naturalpalettes, nature-nights, natureofthebeasts, naturesnudes, naturespiritheart, nirvanic-dreamer, northern-lady, oakfaery, ocevns, off-with-the-faeries, oix, okmoonkid, oldmotherredcap, organicsamantha, outdoormagic, papertown-enigma, peaceful-wanderer, pendulum-tin, phasedmoon, plant-sexual, plantae-prince, plantbh, plantcosmos, planticide, plantlette, plantqueenie, plantsxnotxpeople, plantxd, plutonas, pocula, political-plant, pretendpetal

Q - V
quiet-nymph, radivs, random-photos-x, rileyrigel, rosebushprince, rivothrills, ryndaryth, seaqveen, sensitive-fawn, shanks-a-lot, sleep-garden, soft-petal, solaces, spindlefibre, teapalm, terraspirit, the-dogs-blog, the-snowy-forest, the-way-he-dancedthedruidsteaparty, thegardennymph, thehiddenorchid, thehurrytheharm, theloveofthismind, thenaturalife, thewethatlieswithinthewoodlandfae, thiscrookedcrown, throughdreamsanddisasters, tidesandstars, tinyforestriver, umbralmoon, unradiantly, unsurprisinqly, unwonderous, upclosefromafar, vhord

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waandering, wagfriend, wandeerrr, warm-foothillss, wavemotions, wildforestelf, willowbambi, wisteria-spirit, witchcraftings, wolf-teeth, wonderous-world, wooden-folks, xenotherian, yayplants, zocher, zoe-rh


yall have super quality blogs 
thank you all for making my tumblr experience so awesome :)