DIY Pastel Pink Hair (dyed tips) by RyMingTahn

kalablackgurl  asked:

hi, i think i've asked you this before, but i was wondering if you have any good tutorials on how to dye human hair weave while it's sewn in already?? i really want green hair and my hair is like black so i was wondering if you could help me in terms on tips on how to dye and also how bleach works?? thank you so much

Hey! I don’t think you’ve asked me before, so don’t worry!

Well, to dye human hair weave while sewn in is similar to how you would dye your real hair, but you want to be extra careful not to get the bleach onto your braids underneath and to make sure that when you rinse/wash the bleach out, it’s completely out of your extensions and your braids (or it will keep processing and your hair will start to feel like straw and break off)!

Here’s a video to explain what bleaching is and what it does to your hair. :)

Check out some tutorials from a few youtubers that I like to watch:

❤ Morgan Taylor: here and here

Fabulasityisme: here

The Chic Natural: here

Queenie Bravo: here

and here’s a few tutorials on how to bleach and color for pastel hair (although done on pre-installed hair, you can still get an idea of what to do):

The Chic Natural : Mermaid Hair How-To

Miles Jai: Messy Pastel Hurr | Lavender Rose-Blonde Tutorial

BeautyMC2: Mermaid Hair How To

Ivy Powell: How To Get Silver/Grey Hair

RyMingTahn: DIY Pastel Pink Hair

Good luck! :D