*for my met someone page*

Matty Healy remembers me. 

I was the first and the only person there, I had skipped school and finally got tickets cos Dirty Hit gave me guestlist. Matty walks up behind me and I turned and was like “hi matty” and he said hello and asked me my name and shook my hand, then when I told him my name he went, I’ve met you before haven’t I? Outside the Oran Mor? I remember your face! And I was like yeah! Then the security guard I had been talking to told him I’d just skipped school to be there, and Matty was like “there’s no need for that!” Then he had to go back in but he was lovely as always. Then I saw George and he only said hello, then Adam, I gave him my letter and asked him to give it to everyone, I saw Ross and got a hello. the gig was amazing as always and Me Morgan and Shannan always get laughs and smiles from matty cos we’re always screaming. We knew chocolate was coming so  we started screaming DO DO DO lalala u get me and then he called us mental on stage. The security guard that I had been speaking to gave me the setlist cos I was the first one there :-)

After was amazing cos I nearly left before I saw George just roaming about, got a photo and he signed my setlist and we spoke for a little bit. Then I saw Adam and he said to me “you gave me the letter right? I gave it to the guys”  and I was like no you didn’t, cos I had just asked George and he said he hadn’t read it, then he started telling me what the letter said and i was like oh ok cos he obvs had read it and I was like thank you for taking the time to read it and stuff. I asked him if he prefered being called Adam or Hann and he said either cos cute. The Ross came out and my love for ross is massive cos we just had such a laugh, Matty had to have like barriers and security guards to meet him and I said to Ross I couldn’t be bothered waiting and he was like “just go up to him and be like OI MATTY YA DICK” Then when the queue to meet Matty died down we went to see him. He hugged me and I whispered in his ear Thank you and he was like no thank you darling. And he hugged me again and went “you skipped school, GO TO SCHOOL!” He said some other things but I wanna keep them to myself cos so personal and then he kissed me on the head, I didn’t see him do it to anyone else and he treats me so differently. I love all of them so much and I cannot fucking wait to see them twice in February. 

This is again, just for me so I can never forget these encounters with band members/artists etc. 

I gave him tht 4th birthday card thing and then he was like thank you so much darlin and kissed me on the cheek and i thought i was gonna die right there and then when he came out the second time he was like gettin mobbed but he shouted over to me Thanks for the card!! and i was like omfg and then we got him one of those bonnie hats and he let me put it on his head I touched his FACE and he looked right at me and laughed hahaha and the first time he came out I was like sorry you’re gettin overcrowded now and he went “yeah it’s your fault!! You’re letting everyone know who i am”
Mike Duce phoned me tonight...
i kept tweeting them where are you? and then i was like think @LTAmusic should phone me on an unknown number and tell us where they are and i put my number and then i got a phonecall and he was like hello, is this rhiannan? AND I WAS LIKE OMG IS THIS MIKE AIMEE(pissshitfuck.tumblr.com) ITS MIKE and he started laughing like yeah its mike and he was like eh well, we saw your thing and we’re not in glasgow we’re staying in Carlise so we just thought we’d phone and let you know and i was like okay thank you and he was lke well thats it really, bye and i was like bye and then i screamed and i hadn’t hung up… hahaa ily mike