So I saw everyone doing Valentines-cards and I wanted to try it to never mind that Valentines Day is barely a thing in Sweden, so here’s a shy Arthur.

I’m sorry the composition is bad.

I’m also sorry the drawing is kinda bad.


It’s the greatest love-story of all time

“The Driver knows that the Manager doesn’t mean those harsh words. But it still hurts the Driver deeply.”

“The Manager wants the Driver to know that the Manager would never intentionally hurt him, and whenever he does, it hurts the Manager just as deeply.”

Today’s episode moved me so deeply that it drove me to do this thing called “duh-raaaw-innng” (at least that’s what I’m told it’s called…). 

Also, I have no idea what railway uniforms looks like in the UK (it’s 23:00, I’m to tired for research). I’m just now realising that these look more like school-uniforms than anything else, whoops! Use your imagination!

I’ll probably colour this tomorrow, in school. For now: G'night!

Another Arthur! This time without my sad attempts at inking (I really need to either stop doing that or actually learn to do it well). Instead I give you: A motive that has been done a million times before! Hurrah!

If it’s of any interest to you, I actually made this mostly with Keynote (the powerpoint-making program on my computer). It’s a lot easier to work with basic shapes in that program than in Photoshop.

Look at me, I made an animated gif! This is my first time trying something like this, so I decided to start out with something simple. Not perfect, but I’m glad I managed to figure out the technical part. (Thank you, Lavi!)