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I got the photography blog up and running! I’m adding pictures every couple of minutes, so give it time and I’ll have some actual posts to look at. 

But please go follow me now anyway! Tell your friends! Hell, tell your parents and they’ll tell THEIR friends!  (Heck, we all know parents are chatty…!)

I would just absolutely love you if you followed my photo blog though. 

And by dreams I mean Rylie Jordan Photography.


It has been quite a while since I have posted some of my “serious” photography pictures. To remedy that, these are some of the best pictures from our latest shoot, which was pretty spontaneous. Then again, most of my great pictures are from spontaneous happenings so that’s not saying much.

Anyway, my lovely models and I took a trip to Blue Ridge Reservoir just to survey the area (I was told it’d be good for shoots), but I came semi-prepared with clothes and camera gear. We found a secluded spot with great scenery and just decided to go for it. 

It was a very relaxed and exciting shoot. Very pro-body image (I think that’s how we’d classify it) by the end of the day. [I’d post some of those pictures, but I want to make sure I have permission for those first. I already got the OK for these ones.]

As always, I hope you all enjoy my beautiful besties being their awesome selves and (always) acting as my models. I’d never get anywhere if it weren’t for them. :)

So I’ve mulling around with the idea of making a photography blog for a while now, but I’ve always seen horror stories of stolen work and such.

Well one of my professors was talking in class the other day and told us that we should be so lucky to have someone steal our work because we have the master version of it and can take them to court (and if they make bank, we make MORE bank). He specifically mentioned Tumblr in class, saying how it was perfect for getting your work out there.

Basically, he has convinced me to start posting my work (non-sporadically) on a blog dedicated just to my photos. 

So ya’ll should follow it when I get it up and running.

That’s all.