rylie and reece

  • Christie: Ok, so everyone who didn't do their homework last night will be challenged to a double load.
  • [Emily Sonnett, Rylie, and Reece groan]
  • Christie: And anyone who did their homework can have the night off.
  • Sweet Baby Rose: YES! WOOHOO!
  • Sweet Baby Rose: [realizes that she's the only one cheering]
  • Sweet Baby Rose: Umm, I mean... Boo, the unfairness?
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Oh my god Rylie and Reece


christierampone3 My girls & many kids are lucky to have such a wonderful role model!!#onlyoneabby

Highlights From the SRFC vs SBFC Game

Just got back from the game and obviously the biggest highlight was getting to meet Kelley O’Hara, who I didn’t think I would meet because she signed like five autographs and then left, but I happened to run into her while I was walking out of the stadium. But some other highlights were:

1. Rylie and Reece running up to Hope and tackling her at the end of the game (and Hope had a huge smile on her face the whole time)

2. Shawna Gordon asks everyone what their name is and then introduces herself while signing autographs

3. Sam Kerr assured me she will make it to Rio with Australia and didn’t give me any grief when I asked her to sign my USWNT jersey

4. Hope signed soooo many autographs and was probably the last to leave the stadium and continued to sign even after security told her it was time to go. She was great and wanted to sign for everyone, but obviously couldn’t.