in 22 years when I’m 36 years old, I want Netflix to make a Glee spinoff called Glee-er where we FINALLY see the Brittana closure we need and we can see whatever the fuck Klaine and Rachel is doing with their lives and see if Samcedes and Quick got together (lije they should) and if Artie and Tina kept to their deal and got married or if they found other people. How is Mike doing in his dancing career? What happened to the season 4 newbies? Did Ryley get married? Did Unique have gender reassignment surgery? Did Kitty become a nun? What happebed to Jake? And we get to the the season 6 newbies. No one cares about them They can just leave.

This is the kind of things that we needed to see before Glee ended so abruptly. Please Netflix, make this happen.


SEASON SIX RYLEY AU: The glee club is returning, multiple complaints against Principal Sylvester have caused for her to be fired, and all students forced away have been invited back with open arms. However, returning at the drop of a hat was easier said than done for Ryder Lynn, who seemed to be expected to stay at his transfer school for the rest of his senior year. A few weeks into the new school year, the odds turn ever in his favor, and he’s able to return to the halls of William McKinley. The moment he arrives, he knows there’s one special person he needs to give the good news to first.