Family is incredibly important, but I also think, in fifty years, I’ll look back and really realise the life lessons that I learned from this part of the journey as kind of a whole. So, hopefully, I’ll learn some more life lessons along the way.

rubyber20  asked:

Headcannon for Armin, Eren, and Levi when their s/o is sick?


  • Armin would be the type to stay by his s/o’s side even if they were sick and highly contagious. He’d just be so worried about them that he couldn’t imagine leaving them alone when they were miserable. 
  • If it’s something as simple as a cold, he would be the type to get them whatever medicine they need and whip up some homemade soup for them to eat. He would just be so doting; his s/o is incredibly grateful for him, given that they feel awful.
  • Of course, if they run a high fever and seem to be getting worse, Armin would be the first one to suggest going to see a doctor. Even if his s/o insisted they didn’t need one, he would ask them to go because he was worried about them.
  • “Please? For me?” 
  • His s/o really can’t say no to that and would comply to his wishes. He would be there to hold their hand if they needed a shot and wouldn’t be opposed to curling up with them on the couch to watch their favorite movie.
  • All in all, you really couldn’t ask for someone better to help take care of them if they were sick.


  • Considering his father was a doctor, I like to imagine that Eren has a basic knowledge of medicine and sickness. Unlike Armin, however, the minute his s/o gets sick, he’d force them to see a doctor.
  • Even if he knows his s/o doesn’t has to see one, necessarily, Eren feels more comfortable with them getting professional help. He doesn’t want them to sit there and be miserable if there is a way for them to feel better, faster.
  • Eren tries, bless him, to be as caring and supportive as possible. He’d be the type to hound his s/o about their medicine and would wake them up if it was time to take any pills or liquids. Even if they didn’t want to eat or drink, he would make them and remind them that they needed to keep their body hydrated. 
  • He would be really worried about them, even if it was something as common as a cold. Eren doesn’t like to see the people he loves and cares about miserable, especially if there is nothing he can do about it.
  • While he wouldn’t be the best at making home made soup, Eren is competent enough to manage something. It doesn’t taste the best, but his s/o can’t exactly taste anything, anyways, since their nose is so stuffed up. It’s the thought that counts. 
  • He would become a lot more alert when sleeping if his s/o was sick. Typically he is a heavy sleeper, but he’d wake up with no issue if his s/o shook him awake in order to ask him for something. 


  • Levi loves his s/o–really, he does–but the minute they start coughing or sneezing, he starts to get a little grossed out with all of the germs. 
  • He’d take care of his s/o, but he wouldn’t be the type to stick around and stay if they were contagious. After he’d feed his s/o and give them medicine, they’d be able to hear him going around the room with a can of Lysol or something else to help kill the germs in the air.
  • They can’t even bring themselves to be mad, honestly. This is just how Levi is and they know he cares; it’s almost amusing to watch his features scrunch up in disgust whenever they cough or sneeze in his general direction.
  • If they aren’t better in a day or two, Levi would force them to see a doctor. There would be no ifs, ands, or buts–they are going. If they were really sick, though, Levi would do his best to take care of them and would probably become a lot more doting than if it was just a common cold.
  • If his s/o really needed some company and was feeling really miserable, however, Levi would hold their hand and gently sweep the hair off their sweaty forehead. His presence would be comforting by itself and his s/o would be really appreciative because they understand how difficult it is for him to surround himself with really contagious germs.
  • God forbid if they get him sick, though. Levi would become so grouchy and would push himself to the point of exhaustion because he would be the type to claim that he wasn’t sick. That would be a nightmare within itself.