rylan givens

Synopsis:  Rylan and the marshals try to solve a 20 year old mystery while Boyd tries to set him and Ava up for life.

What Season: 4

Review: Justified has one of the best formulas right now. Every season they introduce a new drug and a new big bad. It’s worked great for 3 season which is why it was so strange to see them decide to change course this year. Instead of a big bad, they had a season long mystery that needed to solved. I was wary at first but man oh man it was amazing. It helped to bring back characters and let Boyd and Givens detour a bit instead of relying on their chemistry to drive the series. I feel like this was the show runners respond to people saying the show was too traditional to be great and it manages to out “The Killing” The Killing and be a great mystery while also reenforcing the themes that Justified loves to play with. It was another great season and I hope more people watch this show. Also I’m so excited that they brought back “You’ll never leave Harlan alive” It was much needed in the season 3. 

Favorite Episode: Ghost  The season finale was the best episode of tv this year so far. I can’t say much without giving it away but it wraps everything up and ends perfectly by pushing the characters to places we wouldn’t think we would ever see them. Also the lead up to next season is amazing. They end on a sequence that shows not only the similarities of Boyd and Rylan but takes a step closer to the destiny that they have both lost everything to try to get anyway from. 

Worst Episode: There are no bad episodes of Justified

Trivia: Wynn Duffy may be the big bad next season.