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Hey there! Been a long time ArtRage user that only recently switched to Medibang (thanks to my friends here recommending it,) and already I am loving the program! I just have one question, how do I do metallic paint or at least turn it shiny?

Hi overwatchphoenixoc,

Thank you for using our program.

A tutorial that might help with this question can be found here:

While this one is for spells, the idea of layering your colors from the darkest in the background, to lighter colors in front such as gold, silver, white etc can produce the metallic effect that you’re looking for!

For other questions related to MediBang Paint Pro please see our awesome tutorials!


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My friend I also love whump so like hows about a fic wherein our dear Hiccup is being, lets say, roughly treated by, a character of your choosing, because that character wants some information or something like that from him.

Well, after three months here it is! Sorry, guys, I’ve just been busy with other stuff. If you’ve seen the updates on Infernal Fascination I’m sure you’ll understand.

I’m quite proud of myself for keeping Dagur under control in this. He wanted to turn this into a Dagcup fic, but I refused to let him. There are still some implications of that, but I only allowed just as much as the show would… If the show was pg-13… Honestly, there are times he just needs to be locked in a room with caution tape that says “Censored” over the door.

Alternate ending to “The Zippleback Experience.”

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“Oh, I hope you don’t.”

There was suddenly an oddly shaped sword pointed at Hiccup’s face. He glared up the length of it to defiantly meet Ryker’s gaze. He couldn’t let him know that he was scared.

Dagur grabbed at Ryker’s hand and pulled the sword away with a growl. “I told you I don’t want his face ruined.” Dagur glanced down at Hiccup, and he turned his glare on him, baring his teeth in what he hoped was a threatening gesture. “Actually, you should just let me handle this.”

Ryker rested his sword on his shoulder. “Why?”

“Because I know him and you don’t.” Dagur grinned at him as he said this rather than looking at Ryker. Hiccup did his best not to shudder.

“Fine,” Ryker said, sheathing his sword. He crossed his arms, obviously planning on staying. “Get him to talk. But if your way doesn’t work I’m doing mine.”

Hiccup didn’t know how he felt about this arrangement. He didn’t like the fact that Ryker would witness whatever Dagur was going to do to him, but at the same time, he was grateful for his presence. He had a pretty good idea of what Dagur would do to him if nobody was around, and he’d rather not have to ever face that.

If he didn’t escape in time though…

He swallowed hard as Dagur crouched down to be eye level with him. Come on, guys. Notice I’m missing. Come and get me!

“Hey, Dagur. Long time, no attack. How are you doing?”

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