Happy birthday, Park Geonhee! May 18th, 2015!

I actually don’t do birthday art very often but I wanted to do something special for Geonhee. She’s my female ultimate bias and I love her so much! She’s so cute and adorable and talented and beautiful that I wish I could meet her in person and tell her how amazing she is. I miss seeing her on Twitter and promoting but they don’t have many – if any – schedules since their debut. ): I miss Purfles but I don’t want them to feel like no one remembers them! So for Geonhee’s birthday, I decided to draw something for her! I hope she sees it. ;; ^ ;; 

Happy birthday, Geonhee noona, I hope you have a fantastic day and an amazing year! I wish you best in health and happiness and I’ll support you to the end!