A lot of people say they’re not too thrilled with Dagur’s character this season, but for me, it’s the most I’ve enjoyed him!

First people say it’s too sudden, but if take everything in, it’s really not. Dagur has been reunited with his long-lost sister, Heather. That is the first change. The more time he spends with her, he becomes protective of her. He’s happy to have her back in his life. Yes, her betrayal was hard, but that didn’t mean he still doesn’t care for her in some way.

Dagur’s talk with Ryker is important too. The Hunter is obviously annoyed with how his younger brother bosses him around and thinks little of him. But Viggo is still Ryker’s brother. When he tells this to Dagur, he’s clearly thinking about this. He lost Heather years ago, and he doesn’t want to lose her again.

 Yes, we found out it was Dagur that set Heather adrift, separating her from her family, but it is still unclear if this was intentional or not. But in my opinion, judging by his behavior, I believe it was an accident. It is possible losing Heather could have started Dagur’s decent into madness.

Remember people, Dagur was alone for MONTHS after the events of Maces & Talons Part II, all he can really do is reflect his life. Like with Alvin. He lost everything he had, and Dagur got back something he lost. 

Thinking back about Heather, he also thinks about the Dragon Riders. He knows they are her friends. If there’s any chance of getting Heather back, he needs to prove himself to Hiccup and the others as well. Dagur tries to change. He still does some crazy cackles now and then, and enjoys the thrill of battle, but he tries. He gave up bludgeoning a Hunter with a mace and saves Hiccup and Toothless. 

I totally loved how he saved Hiccup from being branded! Wow, I actually had to pause the episode and take a moment to rant to myself when I saw the symbol on it. And while Dagur leaves Hiccup behind, he had no intention of actually leaving Hiccup in the hands of the Hunters. I pain on Dagur’s face when Hiccup shouts he hated him was real. But he keeps going, he know Hiccup’s best chance is to get Toothless. And the Night Fury lets Dagur ride him! After seeing this, I knew Dagur was genuine about wanting to change!

I liked seeing Dagur and Fishlegs bonding with their Gronckles! Even the twins were opening up to him. But even so, Heather’s no about to forgive him. Nearly ever bad turn in her life was caused by Dagur. And she still thinks he’s working for Viggo. Seeing how she and the others still don’t completely trust him, Dagur is visibly hurt. Snotlout even points out he was crying. 

After Dagur discovers the Riders plan to attack Viggo’s shipyard, he knows it’s a trap. I love what he says, “Heather may hate me, but I do not want her flying any suicide missions.”

For the first time, Dagur isn’t thinking of himself. He decides to head out and take down the fleet himself. Now I want to believe Dagur survived, I really do! But the music leaves me skeptical, and sad. After reading Dagur’s note, Heather finally lets go of her hatred towards her brother.

And we now know Dagur didn’t kill Oswald the Agreeable. He never actually said he did, but implied it. When Heather brought that up, you can see the look on his face. “Most… if not all those things are true…” Dagur has been living that lie for so long, it’s not easy to admit, even if it will lessen his sister’s anger. Doug Sloan confirmed we WILL find out what happened to Oswald next season. Maybe he’s still alive. Valka lived 20 years alone. He’s been missing for about five, much less time. Maybe the reason Heather isn’t around for the HTTYD2 is because she reunites with her father and goes to live with him.

Getting off topic. I wish they kept Dagur around longer. I really liked seeing him trying to change.


By Ned Leeds, City Bureau

Incarcerated bank robber Herman Schultz has escaped from Ryker’s Island days before the scheduled start of his trial on multiple counts of armed robbery, assault, and fleeing the scene of a crime. Schultz gained notoriety by committing his alleged crimes with the use of a homemade vibratory device that was capable of shaking a steel vault door off its anchor hinges.

A Ryker’s Island Corrections Department spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Schultz escaped by creating a hole through the three-foot thick concrete wall of his prison cell.

The source said officials believe Schultz crafted vibratory gauntlets using materials he had cobbled together in the prison’s workshop over the eight-week period he’d spent in the penitentiary. Questions remain regarding how Schultz managed to leave the island and navigate the notoriously difficult currents. The Corrections Department source speculated that Schultz had outside help, saying, “He couldn’t have just pointed his wrist-things at the water and vibrated his way over the East River, could he?”

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I've been following you for a while and I don't really know what's going on with your OCs but tbh every time they come across my dash I just think "there they go, those multi-eyed people. I hope whatever they're doing, they're happy. Godspeed to them" I don't know any of their story but i love them they feel like an integral part of my dash

aa thank u vv much!!
if u,, want to tho heres some links,,
colora / rhythm / ryker(not rly well put together,, its not done)

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what oc ships do exist? :o i personally like alexei/dasha and rhythm/colora a lot and maxim/colora but more familyish :oo

do u mean like what oc ships exist in general? ,,all ships I guess I dunno?? any possible ship exists,,,,except for Dasha/Maxim.
and the oc ships that are real and canon,, are Colora/Alexei; Ryker/Suggs and Maxim/Death