Does anyone else think All Time Low’s Phil looks like Ryan Gosling?

Phil = FOH Engineer for All Time Low

This is Phil:

This is Phil hanging out with Merrikat:

This is Phil doing his job:

This is Phil doing his RyGos impression:

I mean, you see it, right?

Strange, I know.

It only gets stranger…

Here’s a closer look

It’s kind of mind-boggling

Same, PhilGos, Same

Does your brain hurt too?

I might be feeling it elsewhere…

Back to the case at hand

He’s adorable though

RyGos might have the jawline that slices your heart, but Phil has the eyes to melt your heart.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, the joke’s on us; he wins at life since he’s the one who LOOKS LIKE RYAN GOSLING.

This is RyGos confused by his own doppelganger.


This is an old video I’ve found while on the net.

I suppose it was taken during the promotion for Murder By Numbers or (around 2002).

There are soooo few stuff about him for those years…