The Actor and The Pacifist III (Finale)

Inspired by user FlamingFoxNinja’s prompt of what would happen if Humans were the only ones capable of acting, lying, and or hiding emotions. To those in my DMs and comments, thank you for being involved! Enjoy! 
Derrick tapped his foot, waiting with a fast beating heart, rubbing his hands together and grumbling, “Can’t fight them all… Can’t protect everyone, but we can get away easy! But still,” he sighed and rubbed his eyes before leaning on a wall. “Ow!” He jumped as an exposed wire zapped him. “Stupid piece of junk!” He shouted. When the stage was set and the lights met their lead, he became alive and danced like water among the sea of anxiety and fear that plagued all actors and liars. It was the calm before the storm that bothered most, even the best.

“Calm down, I’ve got it,” Emma rolled her eyes and began to fix the problem, funneling the wires back into place and tying their circuits together. “Years of building droids and star ships comes in handy… You should’ve tried to learn some mechanical knowledge.” 

“Yes, yes, and you should’ve learned how to properly dance at a club if you wanted to catch that waitress’s attention,” he sighed and put his hands up, despite her giving no response or sign that his comment bothered her. “No, no … I shouldn’t say that… I’m just nervous is all. Bat’Ga pirates are the reason a lot of my old friends aren’t with us anymore. Their raids on the outer rim took many lives… Lives important to me.” He rolled his shoulders and looked out the sealed airlock as the first boarding party connected. “Here they are… Time to shine.” 

“Hope you know what you’re doing.” Emma nodded proudly at her work of fixing the panel without any trouble. “If this goes South,” she stopped herself. Should she say she had rigged an escape pod to wait for a code she had created a few minutes ago? No, perhaps that would only provide a safety net, a net that always sowed the seeds of doubt. “Well, I’m sure we can be a well talked about kill on their end.”

“You will kill if needed?” He asked. 

She froze and looked down, “No… I will not kill… But I can at least hurt.” Even saying it broke her heart. She did not want to do this if she could avoid it.

Derrick let a small smile come through, though it was still tainted by a haunting call, triggered by the sound of metal tearing into the airlock. The ship rocked back and forth as the boarding parties began to make their way aboard. “Do me a favor,” he said without looking to Emma. “Don’t flinch.” The pirates scrambled in but after the first few had lined up their shots, they paused. The sight of a behemoth and a small human caught them off guard, as they expected at least some level of security from a merchant vessel. “Greetings my friends! I see you must be lost, allow me to inform you that while you’re welcomed to stay for a short visit, you will be asked to leave within the span of ten Terran minutes. 

“Wha?” One of the Bat’Ga’s raised it’s head up in confusion. “Whut’s ‘is now? A little ape like you is gonna tell us ‘at we need ta scram?” The creature snorted as one of it’s alien companions looked on with a distorted laugh. 

“Yes,” Derrick stated without fear in his voice. “You clearly have no idea what you are doing here my simple minded friend.” Derrick took a few steps forward, unwavering as the guns were trained on him. Emma instinctively stood up straight and stomped one leg forward. Despite her aversion to violence, and fear of a fight, she played along for the first time willingly. 

“Oh ‘sa so?” The Bat’Ga marched forward, standing over Derrick at at least 6′0 flat. “’nd whut are yu gonna do to stop us? I’m the Boss’s favorite captain! You should be grateful I’m even looking at you!” The creature snarled and looked as though Derrick had insulted it’s family lineage. However something made him step back ever so slightly. His eyes. Derrick’s eyes were cold, lifeless, and filled with the horrors of war. They were his muse, his magnum opus to obtaining the perfect figure of intimidation. To these pirates there stood a soldier of experience in front of them. To Derrick, his mind flashed a thousand battles and a million more deaths. Allies that pleaded the desire to go home as their final moments were spent clawing the air in his arms. Friends that past without goodbyes. Even enemies that had no choice but to fight a war that swallowed them whole. The stage was his place to tell a story, but one he had not yet discovered how to finish. 

“Get your boss here, child,” Derrick’s voice sent shivers down the spine of lesser creatures. “Or pay the price.” 

“As if, you don’t threaten me! I’m the boss here! The Boss loves me!” He brought up the bayonet on his weapon and charged it down, but Derrick merely side stepped out of the way. It was not that he was only attempting to dodge, but making room. Emma slashed with claws that shot from bracers on her armored wrists, mechanical blades that penetrated and gripped the creatures shoulder, tearing it upwards before she kicked him away into a wall. The Bat’Ga clawed away at it’s arm, howling in pain before very much alive. 

“Let this be a warning!” Derrick shouted, jumping on the opportunity. “Your boss steps in to have a little chat, or you all have your throats torn out by Sa’tara… The Butcher of the Bol’gaia systems!” The pirates looked confused. They had never heard of this name, but they weren’t about to argue with someone whose companion had so easily disarmed their leader. 

“Y-Yeah, I’ll get em!” a small amphibious alien like creature stammered before heading towards the farthest boarding pod that was just now disembarking. 

‘All according to plan … All according to plan,’ Derrick thought to himself as he he cleared his throat. The Largest Bat’Ga he had seen in quite some time stepped forward, towering at at least 7 and a half feet, dragging the pirate that had fetched him by the neck. ‘Oh … This will be fun,’ Derrick took a quick breathe as he saw this albino Bat’Ga had already killed the pirate that had fetched him. 

“So what in every damned galaxy is this I hear? Someone calls to ME,” The Bat’Ga slammed the pirate corpse on the ground and howled in anger, scaring even some of his own men. “WHO DARES TO FETCH ME? VENZA AL’VIKERA!” He bellowed his name. “I slaughter fleets, I burn colonies, I raid Citadel space! I AM NOT SOME SLAVE TO BE FETCHED!” 

“Do you slaughter planets?” Derrick questioned, looking unimpressed. 

“What did you say? Human?” Venza stomped forward and glared down at Derrick. “You dare try to declare such glory in my presence? A runt like you?” he spat at Derrick’s feet. 

“No my friend, not me, but my master here,” he gestured towards Emma with an outstretched hand, daring not to look at her and keeping his eyes on Venza. Emma raised her brow beneath her helmet in confusion. His master? Yet he continued and she remained a statue of imposing terror. “My Master here is Sa’tara … The infamous butcher of the Bol’gaia systems!” He proudly proclaimed. 

“Never heard of him,” Venza spat. 

“Her, and that is because no one but a few ever leave to tell the tale of the Demonic force that scours the outer rim, hunting for military worlds to burn and slaughter!” He began to pace around Venza to the crew, leaving the beast to stare at someone his own size, but also leaving Emma quite uncomfortable. She could stare this beast down, but knowing the Bat’Ga she feared she may have to kill again. 

“Tell me my friends,” Derrick continued as he examined the pirate crew. “How many of you have ever heard of the planet Rygo? Balthazar? Mar’cuse Fenix prime? Cubone? Ricky’Morty IV, or even Je-Di-Sky?” He pulled names out of his ass. But it was somehow working, to some degree. 

The pirates were bewildered, looking at him with confusion and then whispering among themselves. “Uh… Never?” One of the Bat’Ga finally shrugged. 

“So if we’ve never ‘eard of em … How’s we know they’s real?” Another Bat’Ga scratched his chin and looked hopelessly lost. 

“Perhaps a better planet then … Anyone know of the planet Zeras?” Now this name caused a few to perk up in surprise. “I see a few lights … You!” He pointed a finger to one of the other aliens in the back. 

Sker’ja kwo?” The creature pointed to itself. 

“Yes you, squid, you have heard of this planet?” The creature looked around nervously then nodded. “Twas a flourishing garden world, packed to the brim with a strong military. Yet it was burned to the ground by some unknown force… Would anyone like to take a guess as to who that force was?” The squid like creature looked around with greater haste as his crew mates looked at him. 

“Well? Go on Skuel! Tell us! Was it this human’s master?” One of the pirates shoved the squid like creature. Some of the crew joined in, harassing the creature to speak. 

The creature looked terrified, and pointed nervously at Emma. “So Squids and Octopus really are that smart,” Derrick chuckled. “Yes, twas my master, Sa’tara!” He gestured towards her as she stood up straighter. “She who has burned a thousand worlds and will burn a thousand more. Not for fame nor infamy, but to satisfy the Demon’s she holds, to satisfy her need to kill!” He proclaimed this with pride. “When she took me as a servant, she made me watch as my world was burned and all I loved was destroyed… But spared me solely so I might tell the galaxy of her tale.” Some of the pirates looked scared now. 

“Boss, I don’t wanna raid someone who burns planets.” One of the pirates said. 

“SILENCE WORMS!” Venza barked at his subordinate. 

“Hold your tongue,” Emma stated. “They have ever right to fear. This crew here are my slaves.” She growled. “You will not harm them. Not as long as they are my property.” 

“YES!” Derrick clapped, “My master is wise indeed! Who here dares to attack her stock!” 

“Boss!” One of the pirates shouted. 

“What now?!” Venza barked in angry. 

“I’ve heard of her… I’ve heard of her,” one of the pirates shook and swallowed. “My friend, was there on one of those worlds, and said he saw a figure clad in full power armor, said they slaughtered an entire world, then went into a rage because there wasn’t enough they said! Not enough!” The pirate backed up and looked around in a panic, “I ain’t staying around! I’m not dying to that if it’s who they say it is!” The pirate fled, running back to one of the boarding ships. 

“Yes! Flee you fools! Flee at the might of my master!” Derrick stated with a hearty laugh. Some of the other pirates began to flee, seeing their comrades run, they to turned to escape. Save for four Bat’Ga including Venza. 

“I don’t believe you,” He stated as he turned and stomped towards Emma. “I don’t believe a single word of it!” 

“You don’t have to,” Derrick whispered. 

“So it is a li-” Silence. Venza struggled to breathe, and felt a warm sensation run down his neck. 

“Perhaps,” Derrick drew his pistol and fired four shots, fanning the hammer on his crude blaster pistol he had stowed under his shirt. A bullet for ever pirate skull that stayed behind, and a knife in the back of Venza’s throat. “But who can live to tell the tale?” He muttered darkly. 

“You … You … Murder… Without honor,” Venza croaked before falling to his knees and glaring up at Derrick. 

“Honor… Is a dying concept,” Derrick pointed his gun at Venza’s head. “A concept that damned my wife… And now you,” he pulled the trigger. 

Emma was saddened, but knew it was necessary. “We should inform the Captain,” she stated as the boarding ships began to disembark and flee. “They… Will be happy to know we have handled the problem.” She dared not look at Venza. The violence … It made her sick, even despite knowing it was needed to survive this encounter. 

“Yes… You do the honors, I,” Derrick stared down at the creature before him, “I must … Take a moment.” He was saddened… War infected soldiers, and thus never left them alone even after years had passed. Despite all of Derrick’s lies, it was still true for him, as much as it was true for Emma and her distaste for the hunger for violence she craved. 

“I will, take your time,” Emma nodded before hesitating. “You did what you had to,” she told him. He had no words for once, only a small smile. With that she left him to his own devices. 

HEY YOU! Yeah you! Got any prompts you want me to send this dynamic duo on? Or with new characters? Comment them below or our to bigger space blogs. I always watch them and credit your prompts if I see one I like. Hope you enjoyed this! Expect more from Emma and Derrick, With future stories alternating between who is the lead character in what issues they face. Thank you, and have a great night! 

Does anyone else think All Time Low’s Phil looks like Ryan Gosling?

Phil = FOH Engineer for All Time Low

This is Phil:

This is Phil hanging out with Merrikat:

This is Phil doing his job:

This is Phil doing his RyGos impression:

I mean, you see it, right?

Strange, I know.

It only gets stranger…

Here’s a closer look

It’s kind of mind-boggling

Same, PhilGos, Same

Does your brain hurt too?

I might be feeling it elsewhere…

Back to the case at hand

He’s adorable though

RyGos might have the jawline that slices your heart, but Phil has the eyes to melt your heart.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, the joke’s on us; he wins at life since he’s the one who LOOKS LIKE RYAN GOSLING.

This is RyGos confused by his own doppelganger.

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This is an old video I’ve found while on the net.

I suppose it was taken during the promotion for Murder By Numbers or (around 2002).

There are soooo few stuff about him for those years…