Are you between the ages of 13-24? if so, this #free workshop from Rexdale Youth For Change (RYFC) may be for you!

#ArttoLeadership is a FREE 8 week program designed to give youth a platform to use their voices, skills, and experiences to make a positive contribution to their community. Focusing on Visual Arts/ Graphic Arts, Rap/Spoken Word Poetry, Singing and Songwriting, participants will get to work with skilled facilitators who will help the group will work to further develop and strengthen talents and skills.

Youth will also have the opportunity to engage in leadership activities by assisting with the planning of a showcase in #Rexdale focused on youth talent.

This weekly program starts on: April 15th, 2016, every Wednesday and Friday from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Rexdale Community Hub, 21 Panorama Court, The 6ix, ON M9V 4E3

Free food and refreshments will be provided + #TTC Tokens
Community hours can be assigned for program participation.

Don’t delay, sign up today: www.rexdaleyouthforchange.blogspot.com

#ArtStartsTO #communityarts #Toronto #eventstuesdays #RexdaleYouthforChange #RYFC #youthoftoronto #vibrantcommunites #artisticexpression #impact #donatenow (at Toronto, Ontario)

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This is my bbz from across the pond, Fantasy Rainbow! He’ll be making his first appearance in America for all of you on February 13th! 

Check out his music! Most of It’s FREE, and who doesn’t love free music?


and like his FB page:


- Nicholas

Indian Football - Richard Scudamore: 'Realistically, India will not have enormous development facilities in the next few years'

The Reliance Foundation Young Champs’ (RYFC) first batch of 22 talented fledglings, all from the U12 and U14 age groups, were handed a bonanza when they were made audience to a speech by the English Premier League’s (EPL) Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore, during their trip to England.

The chief of the top tier of British football called it a privelege to host the children and the coaching staff who had made the journey, besides calling for the fledglings to have the right mentality in their development as footballers. 

As part of their mantra and dedication to youth development, the Reliance-led youth programme have sent a complete set of youngsters from thier residential scholarship programme in Navi Mumbai, to tour the academies of nine PL clubs in England viz. Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Reading, Aston Villa, Southampton, West Bromwich Albion, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool. 

The children will be given a unique opportunity to train as well as compete against he age group children of these academies, while also touring British academies and facilities in an effort to progress their development. The initiative comes as a part of the Mutual Cooperation Agreement (MCA) signed bteen the PL and the Indian Super League (ISL). 

The children are on an 11 day tour of the British Isles and had already witnessed a match at Southampton’s St. Mary’s, when Crystal Palace visited the South coast. 

“You’ve already been to Chelsea, already been to Southampton, you’re here today and then travelling up the rest of the country, finally Manchester and Liverpool. You will see a complete spread of what’s best about Premier League youth development facilities,” revealed a courteous Scudamore, at the Premier League’s headquarters in London, where the all the kids had gathered for a  fun-and-educational session. 

Emphasising that all round mental capabilities were an integral part of a players development, the head honcho stressed, “I don’t want you to leave your tour here thinking that it’s all about facilities. Your career development, youth development is primarily down to you as individuals. It is of course, not only about how good you are physically but also how good you are mentally."    

“Probably the most important thing is your coaching and the quality of your coaches and the coaches as mentors in the way they develop you. Realistically, it will be difficult in the next couple of years in terms of your development, to have an enormous amount of facilities in India like you’ll see this week.

“But that will not stop you. If you have the right abilities, the right mental attitude and you get the right coaching, there is nothing to stop you from becoming footballers even though the facilities [in India] might not all be like the ones you will see this week,” added Scudamore, on a pragmatic note, urging the kids to keep their development going. 

Concluding his bref address to the RYFC selection, Scudamore called it a privelge of the PL to host them.

"Most importantly, this week and next week just ensure you have fun and it’s really been a privilege of ours to host you, to be involved in your visit and it’s really great to see you,” he concluded. 


What do you guys think about this band coming to RYFC this fall? 

It would be a party right?!

Larry And His Flask//Call It What You WIll


THIS is what you’re missing. Join the movement. #RYF





Evgeni from Hello Jupiter stopped by the WUSB station last night to play an acoustic version of the band’s song Comprehension. You can download their entire EP over on their bandcamp FO FREE, and see the full band play at the UCafe this Monday night for RYFC – also FO FREE!!