161021 Yesung Books In Fukuoka Day 1

Towards the end of singing Hanamizuki, Yesung got teary eyed. And then he cried while singing Ryeowook’s last part. He said he was thinking about the Super Junior members. (©/©)

Yesung cried while singing the last song, Sky, because at the back (screen), a Super Show video was shown. He said that he cried because he missed the members. (©/©)


161020 Enter-K with Ryeowook (Uncut)

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Show! Music Core_Super Junior_Mr.Simple_Comeback - From 110813

161021 Ryeowook’s Letter to ELF

Beloved ELF

Thank you for your letters

Our babies

Eat well sleep well

Be healthy till we meet again

Oppa misses you a lot

*OMG his handwriting is so clear! I think he did it for the sake of international fans

161021 37사단 카페에 올라온 우리 려욱님 편지 ㅠㅠ


120406 KBS2 Vietnam Korea Festival_SUPER JUNIOR - Superman + Sorry, Sorry