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1. Who was your first female bias?

Taeyeon from SNSD definitely

2. Who was your first male bias?

Ryeowook from Suju … ^_^’

3. Who are your current biases? other than the above:

NCT: Ten (ult)

BTS: Hobi

Astro: JinJin

Seventeen: Seokmin

Day6: chicken little

4. In the entire kpop industry, who is the closest to your ideal type?

i really wanna say Ten but … Joshua from seventeen ….. hes the gentleman but hes also a walking meme who casually plays his guitar 9 feet in the air and sings about chocolate and pizza or maybe mark from nct …. never really thought about it

5. Have you ever attended any kpop concert / fanmeeting / fan sign?


6. If yes, which group / artist? how was the experience?


7. Which group / artist would you like to see live?

NCT 100% I still feel like ten isn’t real he’s just too perfect

8. How did you get into kpop?

My older bro was into it and he played his music out loud so it kinda got into my head but i didnt really pay attention to it but then i accidentally clicked on a cover for wedding dress and recognized it and well my life kinda just went downhill from there

9. Who are your otps?

TENNY 170% TENNY, yusol, winkun, BINU and im not even gonna mention bts cuz that shits a mess

10. When did you start to ship them?

“I wanna have xxxx with u fatass love you forever darling~”

NCT Life

Literally every astro video has binu in it … even the mv

11. What is your favorite fanfic genre?

I don’t read fan fics ^_^’

12. What is your favorite music genre?

Kpop … Khiphop …. yeah

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[NEWS] Super Junior Celebrates 10 Years Of “Kiss The Radio” And EXO, GFRIEND, And TWICE Send Congrats Via Video

On August 21, the guys of Super Junior celebrated an amazing ten years of hosting their KBS radio show “Kiss the Radio”!

The show began on August 21 of 2006, less than a year after Super Junior’s debut in November of 2005, and was first hosted by members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. Yesung co-hosted with Leeteuk for several months in 2011, with Eunhyuk returning for the second half of the year. It was then hosted by Sungmin and Ryeowook until April of 2013, with Ryeowook taking over as solo host until he left in April of this year to prepare to enter the army. Leeteuk has now returned, and is the current solo host of the show.

August 21’s episode of the nightly show was therefore a special one for the guys, as it’s been such a big part of their history as a group over the past decade. Yesung joined Leeteuk to co-host the episode, and Heechul surprised them both by making a sudden appearance at the studio, wearing a “Super Show 6” t-shirt and Super Junior snapback and joining them for the rest of the broadcast.

During the show, Leeteuk read out a letter from their fellow member Eunhyuk, who is currently in the army. They also laughed as they played a song that Eunhyuk recorded for Leeteuk’s birthday back in 2008. 

The show featured guests Kim Jungmo, Kisum, U-KISS’s Soohyun and Hoon, DickPunks’s Taehyun, and singer Son Seung Yeon, who all came to join the anniversary party. 

The guys also shared lots of photos to their social media accounts from their special tenth anniversary show. 

Groups EXO, GFRIEND, and TWICE also sent video messages to Super Junior’s “Kiss the Radio” to congratulate them on the show’s anniversary. Check them out below! 

Congratulations to Super Junior on ten unforgettable years of “Kiss the Radio”!

Source: Soompi

160821 Eunhyuk’s Sukira 10th Anniversary Letter:

Salut! It’s Lee Hyukjae who will be promoted to a Corporal soon. Are you doing well? It’s been such a long time since I’ve written a letter so I know everyone is cursing me on the inside. But I have a reason. 

I’m actually doing a push and pull (* Korean for something like playing hard to get*) with everyone. I’m trying to give a little bit of dating feel to everyone who is, of course, unable to date right now so I tried doing push and pull. Sorry for the nonsense. 

I heard that my letter this time will be conveyed to everyone specially through a special person on a special date. I know that teuk teuk teuk teuk teuki-hyung is reading this to everyone now and 10 years ago today was the day Lee Hyukjae, who is about to be promoted to Corporal, and Reservist Sergeant Park Jungsoo met everyone’s lips on 89.1 KBS Cool FM. I can still picture that day vividly with my eyes. My nervousness and pounding heart that day…everyone’s fresh congratulatory messages when you were 10 years younger has been left as a good memory to us. 

Even though I’m unable to communicate with everyone on this deeply meaningful day as I am in the midst of serving the army right now but I’m glad that I’m at least able to greet you guys like this. The people who loved and protect Sukira for the past 10 years; our kiss family, the many PD-nims, staff. My replacement DJ Aesonggie, Eongdeonggie, ryeonggu and all my forever partner teukie teukie leeteuk-hyung. 

Thank you all very much. I know that time passes fast on a day like this so I shall not write too long. Everyone, please take care of your health in this hot weather. Actually, as compared to my hot love that will be coming towards you all, this hot weather seems to be nothing, isn’t it? Please hang in there. 

Anyway, try going around! You won’t get (a boyfriend). Please stay at home. and people who have not kept to their promise with me and have not shaved their heads, it is now the timing to do so. If you shave now, it will feel even more refreshing. Please don’t hesitate. I shall cut down my letter to this short and I will greet you as Corporal Lee Hyukjae next time.

Don’t fall sick till then and think of me a lot and play with lot of fun with our members. Sincerely, congratulations once again to Sukira on the 10th Anniversary.  

PS. If Aesonggie-hyung is boring. Please send him home. 

The request song will be ‘Growing Pains’ by this era’s best male duo, D&E

korean by ChocoLatte_2H, english translation by teukables


160813 YeSung Twitter & Instagram Update


yesung1106: Because it’s different from just a photo taken …. 📽 #smtown #tokyo [c]