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People loved them together ^^ 

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I knew… Is there a member who hasn’t kissed by Heechul? :) 

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Tears everywhere :( It is sad … their friendship was just… 

A fact:  As for Hankyung, he’s also a stubborn kid. Heechul has asked him many times, ‘Who treats you the best?’ He would talk around it by saying ‘he’ (Heechul) has taught him lots of Korean. As for Heechul, even though he was disappointed, he still patiently asked, ‘Then who treats you the best in your living needs?’ Hankyung didn’t hesitate at all and said, ‘It’s Heechul.’ 

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Of course.. He is a selca king. Any objections? :) 

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Some people trying to learn how to lose weight from Kangin …? kkk

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He and his girlfriend ^^ 

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This is so cute… Our married member^^ 

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There is someone who is surprised there? Because this is not surprising :) If you search about Eunhyuk you should be ready for Eunhae ;) And before you go crazy I must say in the first photo is not Eunhae. They are Donghae and Henry. And actually there wasn’t a kiss there this is only camera angle :) 

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He and his artistic personality ^^ What a gentle man… 

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Everbody usually tags him as “baby hae” But I don’t see a baby in these photos. So people (we) love our baby Hae’s abs? :) 

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… wait… ahahah :D We see a man in two different conditions here. And really… our oppas can be the most handsome men in the world but at the sametime they are a bunch of dorky guys XD 

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When you have this cute face… doing aegyo is not that hard, doesn’t it? 

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There is someone who doesn’t love him? I find him dangerously clever-cute. He is not actually a maknae (because of Henry) but we know he will be our “evil maknae” forever ^^ 

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I found this just perfect ! Because when we search about Henry, we find this. So some people who keep being rude to Henry and Zhou Mi should accept them. Really accept it. They are part of Super Junior. 

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[RADIO] 140809 Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio
  • Ryeowook: Then we have Taeil who has his special hobbies~ I heard you like collecting hats! And are you still raising fish?
  • Taeil: Yes! Not as big as I used to.. I only have 2 tanks at the moment.
  • Ryeowook: I see~ You're wearing a pretty hat right now. Do you like hats?
  • Taeil: Yes! I've always liked wearing hats ever since I was young so I have many.
  • Zico: Since he's lacking (word play with the word 'hat')
  • (laughter)
  • Ryeowook: We have a listener who said "Taeil oppa, you're working so hard working out! Please reveal your six pack!"
  • Taeil: To be honest, there's been a lot of talk about a six pack and if I had them then I would like to (reveal them) too but-
  • Ryeowook: But I feel like you would have some! Since you're so slim..
  • Taeil: I'm not working out to build muscles;; It's just because ever since I was younger I've had the 'small' image because I'm short in terms of height. I'm working out to cover that up than to reveal things. I've left out the abs..
  • Ryeowook: So you do shoulder exercises and such?
  • Taeil: Yes. If they ever appear, then I will (reveal) them
  • Ryeowook: In the future, exercise a lot~
[Interview] 140419 Cosmopolitan May Issue w/ Super Junior - M

“I have a ‘funny’ image from variety, and I worry that people would see that (image) even when I sing sad songs. So I want to show me singing on stage many times from now on.” - Kyuhyun

“No matter what it is, I think 'since I started on this, I should do well’. Sometimes, I would feel 'ah whatever’, but in the end, I find myself working hard.” -Donghae

“Ryeowook felt a bit weird and a bit sad while watching Eunhae concert, because there were only those two from opening vcr to the stages. He wondered how it would be, if there wasn’t SJ and only that unit, and felt very sad.”

Q | Why do you think you guys are receiving so much love in Korea and China?
Henry: because we’re handsome?
Everyone: hahaha
Kyu: ZhouMi hyung is Chinese, and he’s very popular in China. It’s also thanks to his popularity.

Q | How many languages can Super Junior speak?
Eunhyuk: All

Q | Show them
Eunhyuk: We can only (speak the language) in those countries.

Q | If you guys were really normal office workers, what characters do you think the members’ would have?
Henry:I think I’d be a sexy&serious worker
Eunhyuk: Henry would be fired very quickly hahaha. Henry is really a trouble maker.
Kyuhyun: Eunhyuk-ee hyung would be the type who can suck-up to superiors well, and get promoted quickly by getting on the right 'line’
Eunhyuk: Yes, the type to be promoted quickly for skills outside work.. Donghae: and he’s a great mood maker so he would be loved

Q | How does Super Junior relieve stress?
Sungmin: We each have our own ways (to relieve stress). Kyuhyun-ee plays games.
Kyuhyun: But I have stopped playing games these days. So I keep receiving stress. I have so much stress
Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun: Ryeowook likes cooking/feeding others. Ryeowook: Yes, my hobby is breeding/raising others!

Q | What’s the secret to being long-run?
Eunhyuk: Being young looking?
Ryeowook: Ai~ hyung, you can’t say that
Kyuhyun: Hyung, you don’t look young

Q | How would you guys look 10 years from now?
Donghae: I think, we’d be the same as now?
Ryeowook: We’ll know when (you (Cosmopolitan)) interview us again when we’re in 40s!

Q | If you were given a vacation, what would you like to do?
Donghae: I think I would just wander around..take pictures, meet friends and chat and learn English.

Q | I’ve never met a celebrity who is so passionate about improving themselves
Donghae: I want to speak at least few words to foreign fans, and be well to them. So I continue to memorize (points to his wrist) and sometimes (I) write it down. I also want to do well when I am given the chance to show myself. I find every minute important, so I live on a planned schedule when I am in Korea. Like 1-3 is buying this and that, 3-5 is exercising.. like that. Only then, I feel like I’ve spent the day meaningfully.

Q | If you are given a week off, what would you like to do?
Eunhyuk: Definitely traveling.
ZhouMi: I’d like to be outside Korea and China. I'm always going between these two countries to work. I want to go to a country that doesn’t use Chinese and Korean. Countries that use languages that I don’t understand.
Kyuhyun: I went to Santorini, Greece before with members. It was really nice. I want to go there again.

Q | SJ members always seem to have great teamwork
Eunhyuk: I think it’s because we’ve been together for so long. Now, we know what the other is thinking just by looking in their eyes.

Q | I think it’s because there are many different types of personalities, fused together?
Sungmin: Ah yes. Our personalities are really different.
Donghae: Our blood types are all different too.
Eunhyuk: Sungmin-Donghae-Kyuhyun are A, Henry is AB, ZhouMi-Ryeowook-and I are O. All the different characters are here.

Q | What books are you reading these days?
Ryeowook: “Betrayal of Eating Vegetables”,“Poison of Milk”.. I have many interest in health.

Q | What do you also want to challenge from now on? 
Ryeowook: I want to date many different types of women. Hahaha. I’m 30 soon, and my dream is to have many dating experience before getting married. (just a) dream (though)!

Q |  I personally like Kyuhyun-ssi’s solo songs. If you were to do solo activities, what would you like to try? 
Kyuhyun: I want to continue to sing ballads like I have in OST songs. But I won’t dance. Haha.
I’m a maknae in the team & in my family, so I’ve gotten to have more aegyos. So I think these days, I would be okay w older girls too.Is it too late? haha.

1:1 Interviews

○ Mr. Handsome Personality, Eunhyuk
1. You are working very actively these days. It must be hard to control your condition. How are you doing it?
- I think it’s good to eat well and sleep well. I’m the type that doesn’t gain weight, so I eat whenever I get a chance to.

2. What kind of food do you like?
- All of our members aren’t picky. We had a comeback after a long time, and went to Yeouido to eat, and (I) ate ramen every time. I also like ttokbbokki.

3. You’re practically the leader right now, right?
- Yes; because Teuk-ee hyung is serving the army right now, I have been entrusted with the spot.

4. You must feel a great sense of responsibility. Are there any hard parts about it? 
- I didn’t know about it before, but now that I am a leader, I feel that each members have distinct individual charms. And we also talk a lot, so we’re very noisy. Haha. So I think Teuk-ee hyung, who gathered us into one and lead us to here, is really amazing.

5. But I think you will do well. You’re very sharp(quick witted, quick to notice atmosphere), right? 
- I think so. Even when we are practicing choreography, we (teachers and members) take turns and give opinions. And this is all possible because members follow (the leader) well.

6. You are doing your first unit Japan tour with Donghae-ssi. What is the concept? 
- Cute oppa who knows how to play (?) kind of concept. Haha. The song we released in the concert when we released the D&E unit was “Oppa Oppa”. We wore red and yellow suits back then, and the reaction were great, so we even got to doing official activities as a unit. 

7. Many are missing you on variety shows. Do you have any programs you want to challenge?
- I’m watching <Grandfather Over Flowers> these days. I love traveling, so I watched it with attention, and Na PD really edited (the show) well. I even wanted to follow them as a porter. I’m receiving healing from watching that program.

○ Mr. Hard Worker, Sungmin 
1.The suit really suits you well 
-Haha. Thank you.

2. If Sungmin-ssi was a normal office worker, what character would you have?
- I think I would have been an honest office worker. I’ve lived an honest life so far, and I’m not good at doing things that makes me feel guilty. I’m not good in compromising, so I’m a character that hears curses for being too (honest). And also (one) who works very hard. I’m really confident in working hard.

3. I heard Sungmin-ssi is very *FM. You have a schedule for your days? -Yes. I wake up early and exercise, warm up, and start the day practicing guitar. After schedules, I sleep at a set time. It’s comfortable for me to do that.

*FM is 'Field Manual’, meaning that he follows regulations/schedules/does work exactly as the guideline says/etc

4. What are you more comfortable with, variety or acting?
- I like acting more. Variety is a bit hard. I’m not good at telling funny stories. Instead, I like things like dramas and musicals, where I work hard and prepare a lot to show. I want to try a (acting-focused) drama 

5. Is there a specific role you want to try? 
- An idle (jobless) man who eats and plays at home!

6. It’s very different from your image? 
- Yes. I want to try a character that always get nagged by his wife. A pitiful character.

7. Why do you want to try a role like that? 
-For some reason, I think I would be able to do that role very well. Don’t you think you would see new charm? hahaha.

○ Mr. Positive, Donghae 
1. What are you fixed onto these days? 
- (Taking) Pictures and English.

2. How do you study English? 
- Usually through music. I don’t know many English (song) lyrics, and I write down words I don’t know in a note. I also watch many movies and talk with Henry and with friends (who are Koreans residing abroad) often.

3. Do you have any fantasies about women working in offices? What type do you think would be attractive? 
- As for me, personal secretaries? I think I would have liked (their) gracefulness and how they speak little.

○ Mr. Cutie, Henry 
1. What type of music are you fixed onto these days? 
- I’m listening to Daft Punk musics. Songs that make your mood go up.

2. Do you think about composing songs with inspirations from 'Real Man’? 
- I actually made a song after the first time. It’s not finished yet. It’s a serious song. My songs are usually bright and exciting. I also was surprised by how I wrote a different style after 'Real Man’. I’ll let (you guys) listen to it later.

○ Mr. Pure, ZhouMi

1.Your legs are so long. How tall are you?
- 186CM.

2.You speak Korean very well. Was it hard to learn?
- The company purposely made me speak as least Chinese as possible. Using Korean whenever possible. So I was able to learn faster.

3. Did anything happen when you weren’t good in Korean?
- I am close to Victoria so we went to watch a movie together, and we both pronounced “Avatar” as “APaTa” and almost didn’t get to buy the movie tickets. Haha.

4. We watched your solo stage, and you sing very well. You sang a Chinese song; do you have any thoughts about singing Korean songs?
- I didn’t know Korean songs well, but these days, I ’m enjoying singing and listening to “썸”

5. If you were to date a Korean girl, what style would you like to date?
- Pretty and kind girl. Haha. I want to date a younger girl. I really like it when Korean girls call me “oppa”. In Chinese, you call both hyung and oppa “끄그” (gege) so it doesn’t feel any different.

6. If you were a normal office worker, what type of girl do you think you would date?
- Fixing? If I am the superior, I may be scary when working but when I am kind, I am very kind.

Trans: youngwoonjunsu via scans by fibabo and _ChoMinAm 
FYI: The translator said she skipped some parts of the interview.