ryeowon jung


You lied to me, right? I was tempted by your proposal at first. But I started to doubt whether you, who hated me for two years, would take me with you to the Special Unit. And coincidentally, as I left Reporter Han’s apartment, I saw you and Prosecutor Woo with the Deputy..no. I saw you two kiss up to Director Park. I looked into it, and it was contrary to what you promised me.

*・♡ Noonas think Minho is pretty and cute ♡・*
  • Taeyeon: My Pretty Dongsaeng♥
  • Choi Minhye: Person who is prettier than a woman. You.
  • Taeyeon: My super cutie pie Minho ;)
  • Ivy: (selca w/ minho) I didn’t know I was this ugly!
  • Mdm Park: I like you! Minho’s so very pretty~
  • Jung Ryeowon: I like Minho. He acts cute frequently.
  • Ryu Hyunkyung: Minho-goon is simply a positive-dol, pure-dol, passionate-dol, aegyo-dol, ideal-dol, a beautiful beauty-dol--
  • Oh Yeonseo: I feel a little pressured because Minho is prettier than me. I don't know what to do as a woman.
  • Park Misun: (fixing wig on minho) how pretty.
  • Ivy: You’re pretty!
  • Lee Sora: Doesn’t Minho have the most innocent smile?
  • Ahn Sunyoung: My mom wants me to buy him for her.
  • Lee Youngja: If he could be bought, I would have bought him.
  • avantavant.co.kr: He pretties more than the woman
  • Tiffany: Ming Conan who is even cuter than Myong Conan <333 #MINHO #SOCUTEOMG
  • Sooyoung: #my cutie dongsaeng
  • Youn Yuhjung: In case of Minho, I thought he is really pretty even if he is a man.
  • Han Sooah: Lovely #Minho -goon~ a good cutie pie who turn on a fan to me bc of hot weather. #YouHaveWorkedHard