@ryeong9: 고마워~^^ 나려욱닷컴 봄날 고울려닷컴 ! 내가 어린왕자일 수 있는 이유는 너희들이 장미꽃이기 때문이야 ~

@ryeong9: Thank you~^^ naryeowook.com, Spring Day, lovelyryeo.com ! The reason I can be The Little Prince is because you all are the roses ~ (cr)

@ryeong9: She was a pretty hoobae who always greeted brightly.. My heart is in pain, please pray for EunB. Rest in peace. It must be tough for the members beside her. Everyone please give them a lot of consolation. /It’s also hard work on the managers who have to settle the many schedules. Please drive safely. (cr)