Is ㄹ pronounced as L or R?

This is probably one of the most common questions that beginners ask when learning 한글. Just like every beginner learners, I went through this as well which is why I decided to study pronunciation rules too. I created this post to help clear up any confusion.

When ㄹ is located at the beginning of a word, it sounds more like an R.

Example: 라디오 (ra-di-o), 레슨 (re-seun), 로맨틱 (ro-man-tik)

When ㄹ is located between two vowels, it sounds like an R.

Example: 다리 (da-ri), 사랑 (sa-rang), 어렵다 (eo-ryeob-dda), 모르다 (mo-reu-da), 노력 (no-ryeok), 매력 (mae-ryeok)

When ㄹ is located at the end of a word, it’s pronounced more like an L.

Example: 딸 (ddal), 아들 (a-deul), 월 (weol), 달 (dal), 칼 (khal), 연필 (yeon-pil), 교실 (gyo-sil)

When ㄹ is followed by a consonant or followed by another ㄹ, it sounds like L.

Example: 딸기 (ddal-gi), 힘들다 (him-deul-da), 몰라 (mol-la), 살자 (sal-ja), 고릴라 (go-ril-la)

When ㄹ comes after any consonant except ㄴ, ㄹ is pronounced as N.

Example: 생리 (saeng-ni), 국립 (gung-nip), 능력 (neung-nyeok)

When ㄹ comes before or after an ㄴ, both ㄹ and ㄴ are pronounced as ㄹ.

Example: 한류 (hal-lyu), 신라 (sil-la), 신랑 (sil-lang), 달나라 (dal-la-ra)

Disclaimer: Hope this helps but remember not to rely too much on romanizations and listen to the sounds properly as well.

This is a post that I shared on Amino app and I decided to post it here as well.

College Vocabulary in Korean~

Hey guys, I am finally back from my long summer hiatus! Since many of us (myself included) have started, are beginning to, or are planning to prepare our college applications, I decided to come back with a simple post of vocab words that describe different aspects of our college application journey!~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

대학교 (dae hak gyo) university/college
캠퍼스 (kem peo seu) campus
투어 (too eo) tour
방문 (bang mun) college tour
입학원서 (ib hak won seo) application
이력서 (yi ryeok seo) resume
*수능 시험 (soo neung shi heom) college exam

(choo cheon seo)
letter of recommendation

대학 상담 카운슬러
(dae hak sang dam ka un seul leo)
college counselor

고등학교 카운슬러
(go deung hak gyo ka un seul leo)
high school counselor

*tip of the day: the “수능 시험” (listed above) is a college entry exam, much like the SATs/ACTs many of us take here in America. However, the difference is that the one in Korea is only given once a year, and the score you earn can determine the fate of your schooling after high school.

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

[STARCAST] Congrats! B.A.P’s 4th anniversary special, ‘Reply 2012’

Hello, STARCAST readers! The weather has got so cold and haven’t you get a cold?!

Today, I brought B.A.P’s ☆4th anniversary☆ special STARCAST to kick the cold away!!
It was the day B.A.P has been 4 years since they debuted officially yesterday. The theme that has been decided not to forget first intention and do the best like a rookie-

Ta-da! It is ‘Reply, 2012’!

The first thing to do to go back to the time of their debut album ‘WARRIOR’ released in 2012.

Costumes like ‘warriors’ on the battle field,

and blonde hairs for all members! They dressed up like when they just debuted.  The awkward wigs are the main point. The blonde hairs for all members were the trademark to represent B.A.P!

“We are B.A.P, yes sir!”

We cannot miss out dashing greeting as a rookie.

One thing that is slightly different is the youngest member Zelo’s height? Zelo was similar to other members at the time of debut, but he grew up every year and he became the tallest member in B.A.P.

OH, this generation’s a man who just came out of comic book. Here he comes, OH the hairstyle looks like just came out of Japan romance comic book. Please join the trip to the past with sensational all blonde B.A.P in 2012!

* The first reply, replaying the debut album 'WARRIOR’ *

Common 6 warriors who said they will fight for those souls in the street in 2012.jpg

“Lose yourself under the sun Start a fire in my heart Digidigidum digidigidum”  

Scream if you remember this ↗↗

If you read “Digidigidum digidigidum” without noticing for yourself, bring you Mato sticks in front of the monitor. (Taking out Mato sticks that has been stored in the box) They are attractive 6 men who will let you have a break but never let you go away.

* The second reply, “Well done, B.A.P” awards *

The awards have been distributed to the each member by looking back their past 4 years of activities. More meaningful awards as fans decided the winners!

Name:  Bang Yongguk / Freedom from all ideas and thoughts award

This is awarded to the member who showed unchanged posture without a single movement to the fans who are longing for his one little movement and talk at all entertainment show and V app live.

-Other comments: (Sang means award in Korean) Eol-ssi-goo-sang, Oto-sang, croissant, Jo-sang (means ancestor in Korean) in the comedian world, Dong-sang, Producer-sang, Sang for a future band (my husband), and Nae-sae-sang (means My world in Korean)

Name:  Himchan / Awesome face award

This is awarded to the member who debuted with perfect appearance and worked hard for 4 years to give joy to everyone with handsome face as a member who is in charge of visual in the team.

-Other comments: Statue-sang, Him-chan-eun-sang, Mang-sang (makes people to have happy mang-sang which means delusion in Korean with pretty writings), Do-ryeon-nim-sang, Himchan-gi-sang

Name:  Daehyun / Fan no mina san (Fan award)

This is awarded to the member who tried hard to communicate with the fans and gave good comments to the fans not to worry. Therefore we award this certificate to lovable Daehyun as the fans thank about it.

-Other comments: More than imagine-sang, Take care of your sungdae (vocal cords) sang, Scratch-sang (scratched on worldwide fans’ heart, Will report sang (marriage report), Seol-sang-ga-sang (he has good appearance and what’s more is he sings well)

Name:  Youngjae / Pictorial in daily life award

This member who has outstanding face that can harm B.A.B.Y’s eyes made B.A.B.Y’s eyes happy with manly height and body. This is awarded as he showed pictorial-like daily life.

-Other comments: Heung-shin-heung-jae-sang, Muggle-killer-sang, Good-admire-sang

Name:  Jongup / Whimsy imagination award

This is awarded to the member who made B.A.B.Y and the members happy with his unexpected whimsy imagination and it is awarded because his whimsy imagination is fatally as cute as it can cause heart attack.

-Other comments: Dae-dan-hae-sang (Great award), Sil-ryeok-hyang-sang, Gag-code-yi-sang (has extraordinary gag code), Gag-ga-jom-yi-sang (has weird gag), Yi-sang

Name:  Zelo aka Choi Hongjoon / 火 award (Hwa-sang)

This is awarded to the member who burnt worldwide men and women of all ages fans’ heart as a cute youngest member and showed fancy performance and rap on the stage.

-Other comments: Stop growing sang, Young sang, Hwan sang, Grown up well my boy sang, Big sang, Visual gam-sang, When did you grow up this much sang

* The third reply, telepathy game *

The representative pose for ‘WARRIOR’, all 6 members showed same action for their debut song that they can dance with closed eyes even!

However, B.A.B.Y is? Himchan making a baby sleep, Bang Yongguk and Youngjae showing their love with heart shape… Whimsy Daehyun touching his tummy…!

The next word is Youngjae! (Feat. Fold your finger if your birthday was on January 24) You might think it’s bit weird but that action is a highlight dance for Youngjae for ‘ONE SHOT’ stage.

The members got right easily for ‘MATRIX’ and ‘Be Happy’ they worked with recently. This is what we call telepathy, right?!

* The fourth reply, now we can say!! *

B.A.P and the fans had honest talking time for the 4th anniversary. There is no photo but the things that you have to know are followed.

Q. Can you see the fans’ face at the concert?
-Bang Yongguk: I actually feel shy still when I look at the fans’ eyes close… I can’t look at the eyes properly.
-Daehyun: I look at all fans in front of me. I tend to look at the side where I can see when I got on the stage.
-Youngjae: I can see the people in the standing site and 1st floor but can’t really see the top floor because of the lighting.
-Jongup: I can’t really see because I have bad eyes, but I could see well when I take contact lens on.

Q. What is B.A.P members’ drinking capacity?
-Bang Yongguk: No one saw him drunken and has good manner.
-Himchan: A bottle and a half soju (Himchan is different to the leader who drinks soju elegantly!)
-Daehyun: Can’t drink beer well but drinks a half bottle of soju!
-Youngjae: Doesn’t like drinking
-Jongup: A bottle of soju
-Zelo: Likes to mix alcohol with orange juice

Q. What do you think about that you have too much work to do? (Feat. You never take a break B.A.P)
-Himchan: We’ve taken break for long but we like to work. Let’s meet often guys!  
-Daehyun: We take plenty of rest and practice except when we are realllllly busy.
-Youngjae: It’s not that we don’t take a break at all. Compared to the office workers who work 5 or 6 days a week, we are…
-Daehyun: Then.. Should we take more works to work harder?!
-Zelo: This is good!

* Celebrating B.A.P 4th anniversary ending *

Self-celebration with a cake that fans presented for us! Con-gratulation ♬ Congratulation ♬ Congratulations for B.A.P’s  4th anniversary!

B.A.B.Y, you will not be with us for only 4th anniversary but also for 40th anniversary, right? Celebrating B.A.P’s 4th anniversary STARCAST is up to here. Then let’s see you guys again at the first concert of world tour concerts ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR SEOUL AWAKE!!’ on February 20 and 21. See you!

[FAN ACC] [140904] "MY LOVELY GIRL" FILMING WITH INSPIRITS ~ Hoya and Myungsoo :)

*Their boyband in the drama is going to be called MHDR which stands for 무(Mu) 한(Han) 동(Dong) 력(Ryeok) or Infinite Power (무한동력). ‘Infinite Power’ members’ names:

  • Raehun (Hoya) - Leader
  • Siwoo (L)
  • JunJun/Joon (?) (Woollim trainee)
  • Sana (Daeyeol) (cr. dmswl1122)

*During ‘My Lovely Girl’ shooting, Hoya was doing his routine chant with the fans

Hoya: Rae!
Fans: Hun!
Hoya: Rae!
Fans: Hun!

Hoya: Infinite!
Fans: Power!

Hoya: Wojjai!
Fans: Jjeori!

(PD-nim: A moment please…) 

Hoya: Please wait…
Fans: A moment!

(cr. dailydukjil)

(T/N: The last chant was the same thing idols say during MuBank’s waiting room segment ~ Jakkuman.. gidaryeo..!!)

*During the MyLovelyGirl filming, L was supposed to say 'Please sing along’ (따라불러주세요), but he got tongue-tied and it came out as 'Please sing differently’ (달라불러주세요). Hoya laughed and started mocking him. (cr. miwoo1223)

*'Infinite Power’ is composed of 4 members & they performed a remix of “1/3” (cr. dmswl1122)

*During MyLovelyGirl filming,

  • Hoya: If you do well at cheering loudly, I’ll jump in the pool.
  • L: That’s only Hoya~ (cr. miwoo1223)

*After the filming, Seonho manager came out of the dressing room & Hoya started chanting “60 Seconds!” (cr. miwoo1223)

(compiled from @Infinite7Soul & @InfiniteUpdates) 

PS: I kinda miss Infinite and their randomness… (and they just had a comeback! -_-“)