Little review of all the cosplays I did this year! ‘u’
Of course there were a few other tests and such I did, but these were really my highlights of 2013, most notably Godtier Dave, Kankri Vantas, and Crocker Corp! John. 

Looking back, I really want to re-do quite a bit, and for 2014 I hope to actually do more full on outfits I’m proud of that are polished and well done. I learned a lot about makeup, sewing, and wigs this year. I’m hoping to get a lot more done in 2014, and expand my horizons from just Homestuck.

Troll Makeup

[Answered this privately but I’ll post my answer as well] 

Hello there!! uwu

Believe it or not, I do use Ben Nye. I’ve been a little too lazy and don’t feel like experimenting with other brands, so I used the first one I ever learned. I followed an old but excellent tutorial that I recommend for literally everyone who does troll makeup, and that is Hanyaan’s Tutorial. I shit you not no matter what anyone says this has proven THE most effective tutorial I’ve ever seen and so long as you powder the FUCK out of your make-up and do ¾ good coats of Final Seal, you’re set to go. [Seriously there’s a lot of powder in those little containers use as much as you can don’t worry about it] If you want evidence of how well it seals, let me just say this: People who went to Anime Midwest and saw the Alpha panel on Sunday morning can attest to the fact that I had duct tape taped to my mouth with full grey on and when it was ripped off only a little bit of makeup on my lips came off. [Due to the fact it wasn’t sealed as well, and that was easily fixable with a little makeup I had brought with me] Seriously, if you powder and Final Seal right, the makeup will stay. 

Now, there are a few things I did different than this tutorial, and here they are:

  • I used Black eyeliner to line the waterline of my eye on the outside corners, and white eyeliner on the rest to hide the pink color and add more definition to the eyes.
  • Freckles were done super carefully with black eyeliner pencil! Make them small but very slightly in size if you want them, and look at pictures of people with freckles to determine where you want them and how many to put. [Don’t overdo it]
  • I didn’t use black lipstick for the lips - instead I used the Steel Grey and didn’t blend over it, and it worked well. It’s also good because then you can bring around said makeup and re-apply it after eating without having to worry about blending. If you’re being a female troll though, make sure you get either black lipstick or whatever color lipstick they wear.
  • Blush!!! You can’t see it as much on my Kankri one, but if you’d like to make some blood color show through the grey you can get eyeshadow of the exact color you need [I used bright red for Kankri] and very LIGHTLY brush it onto your cheeks [where you’d put blush] after all your makeup is sealed [but before freckles if you decide to do them]. Blush is a really cute addition but make sure you don’t put it on super strong!! 

That’s about it really?? Also if you’re going to do contacts put them in before, though white mesh ones that obscure your vision a little might want to wait until after you put on your makeup so you can see what you’re doing. [just fix any places you might touch and be careful not to get makeup on the contacts]

Hope this helped and you can end up being a troll like myself ehehe.